11 Step Strategy to Maximise the Effect of Your Social Media Campaign

How is your current social media strategy performing? Do you have set objectives and ways to measure your campaign?

Social media can be an effective and low cost way to market your business but with so many platforms and types of audience that require different tactics it can be difficult to manage and maintain results you are happy with.

If you’re looking to add structure to your strategy take a look at this infographic from Just SEO which offers their 11 step strategy to maximising the effect of your social media campaign.

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Local SEO: The Top 10 Local Ranking Factors Used by Google

How good is your local SEO? Does your site appear on Google when people search for your services in the town or City you operate in?

With the release of Google’s new Pigeon algorithm it’s clear that Google wants to serve up better local search results to the people that need them. That makes local SEO an even more important part of a successful online strategy.

To improve your local SEO ranking take a look at this infographic from Local Site Submit which highlights their 10 most important ranking factors.

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Image File Types: How to Improve Speed and Image Quality on Your Website

Do you know the difference between a JPG, GIF and PNG file? Do you know what type of file you should use to ensure the smooth running of your website?

Not all file types are created even, some offer better quality but take up more space and take longer to load, others sacrifice quality for file size and improved speed. Knowing which files offer which functionality can help keep your site running smoothly and looking good.

Who Is Hosting This have put together this infographic explaining the difference between JPG, GIF and PNG files and shows you when you should use them.

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Social Media Basics: What, When and How to Post on Twitter and Facebook

Are you using Twitter and Facebook to market your products and services? Are you posting the correct things in the right way at the right time?

What, when and how you post should be different depending on what your social media goals are according to Pagemodo. As they have detailed in the infographic below certain types of posts attract retweets and shares whilst others attract favourites and likes.

What are your social media goals? Take a look at the infographic and see what you should be posting.

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Hashtag Basics: How Hashtags Can Propel Your Social Media Strategy to Success

Are you making the most of hashtags in your social media marketing strategy? Want to know how to use them to push your business forward?

Hashtags aren’t just a Twitter thing, you’ll now find them on most of the other major social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest. Hashtags enable you to tag keywords and phrases which enables interests and conversations to be tracked.

The infographic below from Digital Marketing Philippines takes a look at how the hashtag has developed and how you can use them to propel your social media strategy to success.

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3 Rules for Creating Outstanding Infographics That Massively Improve Your SEO

Are you looking for ways to boost your SEO and push your website up the Google rankings? Have you considered using infographics to help you?

A well designed infographic can be a great way to boost your SEO. They can generate tons of backlinks and social shares and drive loads of targeted traffic back to your website. But how do you create an infographic and get it shared?

Take a look at this infographic from Cheap Infographic which gives you three rules to follow when creating them and what to do to promote them.

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Internet Marketing Essentials: The 4 Strategies Every Business Must Use

So you’ve started a new business, you’ve got yourself a shiny new website, but how do you get people to visit the site and start generating paying customers?

There are many ways to market a new business, but there are four absolutely essential methods that every business owner should use if they want a profitable online marketing strategy, and those are detailed in the infographic below.

Infographic brought to you by Imaginovation.

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