5 Essential Steps to Get Your Small Business Started on Social Media

Are you considering adding social media to your marketing strategy? Perhaps you are unsure why you should bother in the first place or how you would even go about it?

Take a look at this infographic which explains why you should be using and offers helpful tips on how to get started. The text is really small in places so make sure you click to enlarge it.

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25 Must Follow Tips to Fix Your Failing Content Creation Strategy

So, you’re trying to follow Google’s advice and create content that people will naturally want to share? But you’re struggling to create anything and what you are doing just isn’t yielding any real results?

If that sounds like you then take a look at this infographic from Sarah Arrow which gives you a step by step guide on how to get inspired, some ideas for the types of content you should be creating and some best practices you should follow along the way.

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11 Reasons People Won’t Follow You on Twitter

One of the many ways to measure your progress on Twitter is the number of followers you have. Having lots of real and engaged followers is seen a sign of popularity and makes other people see you as more influential.

Obviously if you’ve been tweeting for a while, following other users and nobody follows you back you’re doing something wrong. If that’s you take a look at this infographic we’ve put together which highlights 11 possible reasons why.

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How to Create the Perfect Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus Profile

Are you just getting started with social media marketing? Or perhaps you want to create a profile on a social network you haven’t used before?

This handy infographic guide from Gryffin Media is just for you! It gives you the correct image sizes to use for each network and bonus tips on how to create a profile your followers won’t be able to get enough of.

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How to Get Your Fans and Followers to Create and Share Content for You

Are you struggling to create content to share on your blog or via your social media accounts?

Whether it’s through lack of time or ideas (or both), failure to create share worthy content is the downfall of many small business marketing strategies.

So why not save yourself the hassle and get your fans and followers to create content for you? Here are some great ideas from QuickSprout.

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5 Twitter Hashtag Rules You Must Follow to Avoid Annoying Your Followers

Are you using Twitter to market your business? Are you adding hashtags to your tweets to amplify your message?

When used correctly hashtags can be a great way get your brand in front of more people, when used incorrectly you could lose followers and look a complete ass.

Make sure you follow the 5 best practices detailed in this infographic from The Huffington Post.

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