The Quickest Ways to Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers

Like anything new when you are just starting out on Twitter it can be a daunting time. You’ll no doubt be asking yourself what you should be tweeting about, who you should follow and perhaps how the hell are you going to fit this into your already busy day?

But the one thing that most people concern themselves with is how do you get more followers? The guys at QuickSprout have put together this infographic which shows you the quickest ways to get to your first 100 followers and beyond.

To reach 100,000 followers take a look at this post.

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6 Laws Your Business Must Follow to Succeed on Social Media

Is your business looking for social media success? Perhaps you want to generate new prospects, improve your SEO or you simply want to provide a platform for your customers to engage with you?

Whatever your goals, in order to succeed on social media there are a number of rules you need to follow in order to succeed and the guys at have put theirs together in the infographic below.

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9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Business Must Stop Making Immediately

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be a great place for any small business to boost customer engagement, drive targeted web traffic and build an online presence.

They are also a haven for small businesses using the wrong tactics who are either wasting time and effort by doing things the wrong way or just generally making a twit of themselves and destroying their reputation.

Make sure you aren’t one of those by reading this infographic from Jason Squires which details 9 common mistakes small businesses are making on social media.

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5 Reasons Your Business Absolutely Must Use Twitter

We love Twitter here at RWD, it was our sole source of sales leads when we started out and it’s the first place we recommend to the hundreds of start-ups we speak to every month.

We are amazed that we still see business owners ignoring the network so when we saw this infographic from Yell we just had to share it.

Here are 5 reasons you should stop being a Twit and get your business on Twitter!

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8 Fantastic Tips for a Content Marketing Strategy that Actually Generates Business

You don’t have to go far to find a marketing blog harping on about why content marketing should be part of your strategy – and for good reason. But how do you actually implement one that gives you some kind of return on your investment?

Take a look at this infographic from Rapid Advance which gives you 8 tips to help your content marketing strategy work harder for your business.

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The Impact of Colour in Your Logo Design

The colour scheme you choose for your logo design plays a huge role in determining your company’s personality and how potential customers see you as a brand.

Understanding how colour affects people’s mind-set can help you to choose your colour scheme wisely and ensure your business gets off to the best start possible.

This infographic from British Design Experts shows you how colour impacts people’s feelings and will help you to choose the most appropriate colour scheme for your brand.

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