20 Twitter Best Practices That Will Build Followers and Increase Engagement

Are you making the most out of Twitter? With over 645m users posting 790m tweets per day it’s a monster of a network and it can provide massive results when used in the right way.

The infographic below from Passion Digital gives you 20+ best practices to use that will help you to build new followers and increase engagement.

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The Colours Used by the Worlds Top 100 Companies

Colour can play a very important role in the success of your business. The colours used in your logo and website can define the image your business portrays to your customers. Blue represents dependability and strength so it’s no surprise that the majority of the worlds top 100 companies use blue within their logo.

The infographic below from Colour Lovers shows you the top 100 brands and what colours they use. It is a few years old so the rankings aren’t current but the message is still the same.

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4 Steps to Achieve Local SEO Ranking Greatness

Consumers like to use local companies. Most of us feel more comfortable buying from a company we know is just down the road. More often than not we will search for a product or service in our local area, but even if we don’t, Google knows where we are and will show us local results anyway.

If you want to get your products and services in front of your local customers your local SEO ranking massively important. The infographic below from 123 Print gives you 4 steps to ensure your site appears in the local search results.

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7 Marketing Techniques Every Small Business Owner Must Use

It’s fairly obvious that driving traffic to your website is one of the most important and powerful techniques any small business owner can use to build their business. What happens once visitors have landed on your site though? They don’t just magically turn into customers.

The infographic below from InfusionSoft gives what they call the “Big 7″. It all starts with driving traffic to your website, what are you doing to master the techniques listed after that?

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19 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

You may have heard us using the term content marketing more and more lately and be wondering what it the hell it actually means?

Content marketing is the process of creating and curating relevant and valuable information (content) for your potential customers. It moves away from the traditional method of direct selling to customers (which we all hate) to actually helping them solve a problem in the hope that when they feel they need the services you offer they will turn to you.

Hope we got that sorted? Here are those 19 ways you can use it to grow your business. Infographic by Dendrite Park.

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30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts to Get More Readers

So you’ve spent hours crafting the perfect blog post. You’ve spell checked your text a hundred times, you’ve selected an image that amplifies your message and just published it to your blog.

The hard work doesn’t stop there though, readers don’t just land on your blog! Our readership hovered around 200 per day for the first 9 months, now we average over 1,000. A bit of hard work can make all the difference.

The infographic below from Launch Grow Joy gives you some of the techniques we’ve used and more.

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How Your Company Colours Affect the Performance of Your Website

Colour can play a major role in influencing a persons decision making process. It’s important that you evoke the appropriate reactions from your website visitors in order for them to feel like they want to become a customer.

The infographic below from TechKing shows you how different colours are perceived and how to use them to design a more effective website.

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