Web Design Psychology: 3 Things Your Site Must Make Your Visitors Feel

How do people feel when they land on your website? Are you making them feel like they want to do business with you?

The psychology of web design is ignored by most but when use correctly it can be your greatest weapon. Designing a site that resonates with your visitors can help create a feeling of confidence will go a long way towards convincing them you are the right choice.

For some web design psychology guidance take a look at this infographic from KISSmetrics.

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SEO: 7 Steps to Make Your Infographics Go Viral & Build a Load of Links

Are you using infographic as part of your SEO strategy? Did you know infographics are one of the best SEO tools out there?

We promote the use of infographics as a link earning tool to all our SEO clients as we’ve had so much success with them ourselves. But just designing one isn’t enough, you need to go the extra mile to make sure it gets noticed by the right people.

For some guidance making more of your infographic SEO strategy take a look at this infographic from Shuan Thing.

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6 Steps to Successfully Deal With Negative Reviews on Social Media

Have you received a negative review on social media? Wondering how best to react without making things worse?

As a company that prides itself on the positive reviews we receive from our clients receiving our first ever negative one was a bit of a shock. Our initial reaction was to bash the customer on the head with a stick but in the end we decided that probably wasn’t the best way forward ;0).

We did a bit of research on how best to proceed and found this handy article written by K.I.S.S. We thought you guys might find it useful so we turned it into the infographic below.

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10 Steps to a Google Mobile Friendly Website

So you’ve heard of the Google mobile update, we’ve all made it sound scary and called it #MobileGeddon, but have you actually gone mobile friendly yet?

Whilst the update doesn’t appear to have been as major as it was built up to be, when Google says jump you should say how high. If you haven’t already done so take the time to get your website mobile friendly.

For some guidance follow these 10 steps from Page Traffic.

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Not Sure What Each Social Network Does? This Guide Will Tell You

Are you a complete technophobe who struggles to see what social media sites are actually for? You’re probably the type that still uses a fax and post it notes to get them through the day?

We speak to a large number of self-confessed technophobes here at RWD so one of the main challenges we face is explaining the technology in our industry without jargon. When we saw this infographic from Zerofox we couldn’t believe our luck.

It compares social networks to the things you technophobes know and love from yesteryear, take a look and see if it helps bring you up to scratch.

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9 Jaw Dropping Stats Showing Why Every Business Owner Needs SEO

Does your site appear on Google when people search for your products and services? Are you missing out on potential new business?

SEO is the process of getting your site ranked on Google for the keywords that matter, and with more and more people using the internet to find things SEO is fast becoming an essential part of running a business.

If you still need convincing take a look at the stats below from Arekestall which show why SEO is so important.

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