Want Better Google Rankings? 10 Types of Content That Will Earn Links

Do you want your website to rank higher on Google? Want to know how to earn the all-important links that will fire you up the rankings?

The relevance and authority of the links that point to your website are widely regarded as one of the most important factors in achieving high rankings. But what can you do to get more quality links pointing at your site? You need to be creating content worthy of being linked to!

The guys at Express Writers have included 10 types of content you can create in the infographic below.

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5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Get Your Emails Marked as Spam

Are you sending marketing emails that keep being marked as spam? Want to know what to change to get recipients to stop and read what you have to say?

One of the easiest ways to get marked as spam is emailing people that didn’t subscribe to your list in the first place. Buying your list from someone who probably sent you a spam email themselves is not the way towards a successful email marketing strategy.

For more email marketing mistakes to avoid take a look at the infographic below from Technology Advice.

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21 Steps to Create Blog Posts That Generate S**T Loads of Views & Shares

Would you like more people reading and sharing your blog posts? Want to know how the structure of your posts can affect your click through and engagement rates?

According to statistical evidence blog posts with an odd number in the title receive a 20% higher click through rate than posts with an even number. Evidence also shows that posts with infographics receive 2.3 times more social shares than those without.

For more stats on how to increase views and shares take a look at this infographic from Backlinko.

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10 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know to Achieve Success

Do you keep up with the latest digital marketing trends? Or are you still using old techniques that no longer work?

Social platforms, search engines and the devices we use to connect to the internet are constantly updated with new features and algorithms. If you use them as a means to get your business in front of potential new clients it’s imperative to keep your strategy up to date.

For what works and what doesn’t take a look at this infographic from Super Savvy Business.

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Thinking of Starting a Business? Here’s How to Become an Entrepreneur

Are you thinking of going it alone and starting a new business? Do you want to know what it takes to become an entrepreneur?

According to research people who are successful in starting a new business share a lot of common traits. It goes without saying that you can’t be scared of taking risks or putting in the hard work, but you may be surprised to find 90% come from lower or middle class backgrounds.

The infographic below from Schools.com highlights the more common traits, how many do you have?

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7 Easy Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that landing pages with video can have an 800% higher conversion rate? Or that tweets containing video can generate 28% more retweets?

When used correctly video can add some real oomph to your marketing strategy. It’s no secret that people prefer visual content over text, but video is one of the more popular forms of visual content so if you have the time and budget it should be something you’re creating.

For some tips adding video to your marketing campaign take a look at this infographic from Salesforce.

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How Good is Your Social Strategy? This 7 Step Checklist Will Tell You

How effective is your social media marketing strategy? Do you want to audit your current efforts and identify areas you can improve?

Whether you’re just starting out with social media, or you feel you’re already a social media guru, you’ll always be able to find areas of your strategy that you can refine and improve upon. Take the time to audit your current efforts and see what you can improve.

For some help take a look at this infographic from Sprout Social.

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