Be SEO Smart: 20+ Simple Facts About SEO Website Owners Need to Know

Do you own a website and want to drive more organic traffic from Google? Have you heard of SEO but you’re not entirely certain what it entails?

There a number of different items to consider when working on SEO. Amongst others there’s Google’s ranking factors which decide where your website appears, and their past algorithm updates and the shady tactics some of them target.

For some guidance the team at Student Experts have compiled 20 quick facts about SEO in their infographic below.

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Visual Branding: 4 Ways to Make Your Next Marketing Campaign POP

Are you looking for clever ways to build brand awareness? Want to know how to use visual branding to make your marketing campaigns really stand out?

Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness or market a product or service visual branding should be an integral part of your strategy. But just how do you ensure your visual content hits the mark and stays in the minds of your target client?

The guys at Silicone Wristbands Direct have highlighted four key factors to consider in their infographic below.

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The Psychology of Trust in Marketing: How to Earn It & Keep It

Are you looking for ways to market your services but also build and maintain trust with your clients and social community?

It’s a well known fact that people buy from people they know and trust, so building trust throughout your customers sales and marketing journey is an essential part of building your business. But how do you market your services whilst building trust at the same time?

The guys at Salesforce share their tips in the infographic below.

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Want a New Logo? 10 Things You Need to Know About Logo Design

Are you considering getting your logo redesigned? Or perhaps you’re a start-up creating one for the first time?

There are lots of components you need to consider to create the perfect logo. Probably first on the list are the colours you use – you’ll need to consider what colours will work best with your target market.

But what other items do you need to consider? Take a look at these 10 tips from Blue Soda Promo.

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Do Your Employees Love You? 12 Personality Traits of a Great Boss

How would you rate your leadership abilities? Do you play fair and communicate well or are you more of a whip cracking dragon?

The happiness of your staff plays a major role in the success of your business. Happy staff provide customers with an excellent service, happy customers recommend you to friends and business acquaintances. Simples!

To improve your leadership style take a look at these 12 personality traits of a great boss from Officevibe.

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69 Punctuation Rules That Will Stop You Looking Silly Online

Do you use punctuation correctly in your blog posts and social media updates? Could errors be costing you your reputation?

Whether it’s a long form blog post, quick twitter update or an email to an important customer the way you use punctuation is constantly in the public eye. Get something wrong and people will notice, and that could negatively affect your reputation.

For some guidance take a look at this infographic from The Visual Communication Guy. The text is very small so you will need to click to enlarge to read it.

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5 Questions That Will Show Which Social Networks Are Best For You

Do you know which social networks are right for your business? Want some guidance choosing where it’s best to spend your time and resources?

With so many social networks available to you it can be a bit of a minefield if you don’t habitually use them as part of your personal life. Fear no more though, by answering a few simple questions we can guide you towards the right platform for you.

Simply follow this “inflowgraphic” from Lab3 Marketing.

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