Need a Website Health Check? Here’s a 20+ Point Checklist to Follow

Is your website running at its maximum potential? Would you like some pointers to see if you can make improvements?

For your business to succeed it’s vital to have a website that is running at optimal power. A site with structural errors and not fully optimised will only result in people struggling to find you on Google.

For some guidance follow the checklist Media Vision have created in the infographic below.

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Quick Guide: How Often You Should Post on Social Media

Are you tweeting too much and not posting enough Facebook? Would you like some tips on how often you should post?

Your social media presence is a great way to get yourself known and get people talking about your brand. However, users of each platform will respond in different ways so knowing how often to post will help maximise engagement with your fans.

To give you some guidance Sumall have created this easy to follow infographic.

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Link Building for SEO? Here’s 14 Characteristics of a High Quality Link

Are you using link building tactics as part of your SEO strategy? Do you know what makes a high quality link that can help boost your site?

Link building (or link earning as we like to call it) should form a large part of your SEO strategy, it’s one of the biggest factors Google looks at when deciding where to rank a site. Not all links are created equal though, some can do more harm than good.

For some guidance on the characteristics of a high quality link take a look at the infographic below from Media Vision.

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Stop Being a TWIT! Avoid These 5 Social Media Sins Like The Plague

Are you using social media to increase your online presence? Do you know the pitfalls to avoid to ensure your efforts pay off?

If you’re using social media for your business then you will want to ensure you’re doing everything right to help your brand grow. There’s a few common pitfalls you should avoid to prevent your campaign failing at the first hurdle.

To give you the tips you need, take a look at this infographic from ClixLogix.

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Ready for Google’s Next Update? 15+ Reasons Why You MUST Go Mobile Now

Is your website mobile friendly? Did you know Google is launching a mobile friendly update which could affect your SEO?

Google wants more people to use their search platform, and the only way to do that is to provide users with a list websites that work. With a high percentage of visitors ditching a site that isn’t optimised for mobile, Google now sees mobile friendliness as a factor that should be considered when ranking a site.

If that doesn’t convince you to go mobile, perhaps the stats in the infographic below will.

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Off Site SEO: What It Is and Why Your Website Needs It

Did you know that the process of improving your SEO doesn’t just involve your own website? Are you aware that Google also looks at offsite factors when ranking your site?

Having your website optimised so that you can be found on Google is just the first step towards a successful SEO strategy. There’s also a huge number of offsite factors that Google considers which, when used correctly, can give you a greater chance of being found for your preferred keywords.

To give you the breakdown of what these are, and how they can work in your favour, take a look at this infographic from Shane Barker.

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Is Your Website Failing? Here’s 10 Reasons People Leave Your Site

Is your website failing to generate conversions? Do you know the reasons why a customer will leave your site early?

Having a customer spend time on your website, buy a product or service and wanting to return is exactly what you want your site to do. If however they’re leaving before even moving from the homepage then something is wrong.

To understand what the reasons are for this and to prevent it from happening, take a look at this infographic from Enfuzed.

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