Are You a Horrible Web Design Client? 10+ Ways to Annoy a Designer

How is your relationship with your website designer? Are you one of their favourite clients or do you annoy the hell out of them?

Having designed thousands of websites here at RWD we’ve experienced most situations (good and bad) and we always take action to improve our processes where we need to. But how about you as a client, what could you improve?

Top Web Design Schools have created the infographic below showing what they feel annoys a web designer the most.

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Social Media Updates Not Getting Noticed? Post at These Times Instead

Does it feel like your social media posts aren’t getting noticed? Could you be posting at the wrong time?

Unless you have someone in place to schedule posts throughout the day you’ll need to find the best times to post. Different types of posts will perform differently across different industries and networks but there are still certain times that generally are better than others.

The guys at Sumall have put together their best times for each social network below.

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How to Get More Enquiries From Your Mobile Website Visitors

Do you have a significant percentage of website visitors accessing your site from a mobile device? Are you looking for ways to generate more enquiries from those mobile visitors?

With Google’s recent mobile algorithm update changing the way some websites work it’s important that you don’t just concentrate on optimising for mobiles to pass their mobile friendly test, you need to remember to optimise for conversions too.

Take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout for some tips.

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Google’s Biggest Algorithm Updates and How They Affect Your Website

Are you keeping up to date with Google’s algorithm updates? Did you know they update the way they rank websites more than 500 times per year?

Knowing Google’s algorithm updates can go a long way to helping you understand SEO and how your website is ranked for certain keywords. So no more wondering why your competitors perform better than you.

For some guidance take a look at this infographic from CJG.

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5 Steps to a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for ways to improve your Instagram presence? Or perhaps you’re a newbie just looking to get started?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there and is fast becoming a go to place for small businesses. It probably won’t help you drive significant website traffic, but it can be a great place to build brand awareness.

For some guidance getting your Instagram strategy in order take a look at this infographic from Elle and Co.

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6 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Old Blog Content into Something New

Do you struggle creating new content to share with your followers? Have you considered how you can repurpose old blog posts into something new?

Constantly creating new content is a big challenge for any business, and if you have a regular content schedule to stick to it’s easy to find yourself scratching your head wondering what to do next.

For some great ways to repurpose your old blog content take a look at this infographic from Express Writers.

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