20 Rules Every Business Needs to Know Before Posting on Instagram and Pinterest

Sharing images is all the rage in the marketing world at the moment and there are no bigger image sharing sites than Instagram and Pinterest.

No matter if you’re new to either network, or you’re seasoned users of each, there are still posting rules you need to abide by. Some of which you’ll find in the infographics below from Social Research Strategies.

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How to Run a Successful Halloween Photo Contest on Facebook

Halloween is just around the corner so why not take the opportunity to drive some Facebook engagement with a Halloween themed photo contest?

The likes, comments and interaction you receive will highlight your page in the newsfeeds of hundreds more people than usual which will help you to increase fans and build your business.

To help you along the way the guys over at Rapid Advance have put together the infographic below.

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How Social Media Impacts SEO and Your Websites Ranking on Google

Social media should play an important part of any successful SEO and content marketing campaign. Without social media we’d lose 80% of our blog traffic and no doubt a huge chunk of our backlinks would never have been earned.

To see how social media can work for your business take a look at this infographic by Submit Edge which highlights how social media can aid outreach and looks at how social signals impact rankings themselves.

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The Quickest Ways to Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers

Like anything new when you are just starting out on Twitter it can be a daunting time. You’ll no doubt be asking yourself what you should be tweeting about, who you should follow and perhaps how the hell are you going to fit this into your already busy day?

But the one thing that most people concern themselves with is how do you get more followers? The guys at QuickSprout have put together this infographic which shows you the quickest ways to get to your first 100 followers and beyond.

To reach 100,000 followers take a look at this post.

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