8 Tips to Create Enticing Website Buttons That Make People Click On Them

Do you know how to create enticing website buttons? Are your call-to-action’s making people click on them?

A website button or ‘call-to-action’ is a great way to direct your customers to the places you need them to go, whether it be a sales page or just to subscribe to a blog. So these buttons need to be eye catching to make your customer want to click them, otherwise you could be missing out.

To help you grab your viewers’ attention and give them something they want to click, Cloud.IQ have provided you with this easy to understand infographic.

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3 Ways Your Social Media Customer Service is FAILING and How to Fix It

Is your social media customer service failing? Would you like to know how to fix it?

Good customer service is vital to a business success and social media is becoming increasingly more popular when it comes to talking to companies. So it’s no surprise then that your social media customer service deserves some attention to get it right, but it can be easy to fail at it.

Luckily West have provided us with this handy infographic to help fix any issues you may have.

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Does Your Content Marketing Strategy SUCK? Here’s 33 Tips for Success

Does your content marketing strategy suck? Would you like some tips on how to become successful at content marketing?

So you’ve tried one strategy, scrapped it and tried another but it’s still not working. Content marketing can seem like a tough nut to crack and after a few attempts will make you want to give up altogether. However without it you’ll be missing out on new customers and even retaining old ones.

To help you succeed with your content marketing strategy Ethos 3 have complied 33 useful tips, all of which are under 140 characters.

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10 Power Tips to Master the Art of Social Media

Have you mastered the art of social media? Do you need some valuable tips to boost your social media presence?

It’s no secret that social media is the way forward for any business. Demonstrating your ability to use social media in a professional way can result in a make or break situation for how your customers view your company.

To help you become a social media guru, take a look at this infographic by The Art of Social Media.

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What Does Your Brand Stand For? 12 Character Types to Choose From

Do you know what your brand stands for really? What does your character type look like?

Your brand is who you are, it’s your personal stamp on your business and how your customers see you. Nobody is going to be interested in a company that has as much character as the colour grey, so it’s important to get your brand characteristic right (or at least know which character you are)

The good news is, to make it easier for you to see what type of character you are or should be ESW have provided this great infographic.

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25 Years of SEO: How the Internet Has Changed and 4 Lessons Learnt

Do you know how SEO has changed over the last 25 years? Could you do with brushing off those dusty history books?

The internet has changed the way we work and live in general, along with this the way SEO is managed has seen changes from when it first started in 1990 right up to the present day. It can be easy to forget about where SEO has come from, but as with any history lesson it’s a great idea to re-visit where it all began from time to time.

This interesting infographic by Keyword Eye gives us a brief look back into how the internet has changed and what we can learn from it.

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40+ Awesome Tips That Will Help You Do Twitter Like a Boss

Are you harnessing the power of Twitter as a small business marketing platform? Would you like some tips to transform you from a novice to a Twitter master?

If you’re not using Twitter to its full potential you are missing out on a ton of web traffic and qualified leads. For a platform that is free and so easy to use not enough small businesses are taking advantage.

For some guidance take a look at these awesome tips in the infographic below from Cheryl Lawson.

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