9 Awful Website Features from the 90’s That Are Still Here Today

How modern is your website? Are you down with the times or do you have lots of old features that make your site look like something from the Stone Age?

The internet has come a long way since its inception but we still see ancient features in today’s web design. From old fonts and finishes to flashing items and scrolling text, there are a number of features guaranteed to make your site look naff.

Who Is Hosting This have put some of them together in the infographic below and given you some examples of how to modernise them.

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40 Creative Ways to Incorporate a Hidden Message in Your Logo

Are you considering having a new logo designed? Are you wondering how to incorporate a hidden message to really set your business aside from your competitors?

Taking on board how others have achieved this can act as inspiration for your own logo so take a look at this infographic from Made by Oomph which contains 40 examples of hidden messages and what they actually mean.

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Landing Page Optimisation: An A – Z of Terms You Need to Know

If you’re working on your SEO to drive targeted traffic to your site you’ll need to know how to optimise your landing pages.

A successful landing page isn’t just about optimising for Google though, you also need to consider your visitors. Are they taking the desired course of action? Are they leaving your site after one quick look? Do you even know how to monitor these things?

To help you understand what you need to know about landing pages Copyblogger have created the infographic below with an A – Z of the most important terms.

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Stop Counting Followers: Here’s How to Measure Real Social Media Success

If you talk about social media success the first metric the majority of people will look to is the number of followers a business has. The more followers you have, the more popular you are right?

That may be so, but there’s no point having followers if they don’t engage with you in some way. Whether it’s clicking on your links, sharing your messages with their followers or answering your questions there are more ways than follower numbers to measure success.

Take a look at this infographic from Salesforce which shows alternative ways in which you can measure social media success.

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How Your Logo and Website Fonts Make Your Customers Feel

What type of font are you using in your logo and on your website? Do you have any idea what image that portrays or how it makes your customers feel?

The psychology of typography probably isn’t something you consider when you design your new logo and website but the guys at RCM Websites have put together this infographic which shows you some different font types and how they are perceived.

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LinkedIn Basics: How to Structure the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

If you’re new to LinkedIn you’ve probably got as far as signing up for a profile. You may have even taken a quick look around, but you don’t quite understood what you’re doing so you’ve never returned?

You could be missing out on a great opportunity to network with potential customers and partners, or even worse, if you’ve left an incomplete profile for everyone to see, you could be doing more harm than good to your online image.

Take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout which gives you the basics of setting up a LinkedIn profile and how to make use of it day by day.

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Is Your Website Performing Badly? Here Are 26 Tips to Improve Conversions

How is your website performing? Are you converting lots of visitors into paying customers or are people leaving without buying from you?

If your website is performing badly and you want to generate more sales leads and enquiries you need to look at ways to improve your conversion rate, a process called Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

That’s the theme in the infographic below which provides an A – Z guide to making your website perform better.

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