10 Tips for Better Social Media Status Updates

We’ve all had that moment when you’re out of ideas. You’ve written about interesting topics and covered content that your fans are interested in but sometimes you just hit (what I like to call) the “Social Media Writers Block.” When that happens then it’s always useful to pick up a checklist of ideas to help inspire content ideas.

Previously I shared examples of great social media posts, but more recently, the folks at ShortStack put together a great infographic that provides 10 quick tips and examples for better updates for your social media pages:

  1. Post an interesting fact
  2. Share a tip
  3. Endorse content
  4. Don’t always ask a question
  5. Inspire action
  6. Tell users what to expect
  7. Add a P.S.
  8. Use short links
  9. Use images with text
  10. Ask users to comment

Feeling inspired yet? Check out the infographic below:

status updates

Source: Social Media Today

Author: Anita Loomba