5 Tips To Increase Website Conversions

Conversion optimisation refers to the process of improving your website so that it converts more visitors into actual buying or enquiring customers. It’s all about improving both your processes and messaging so that you make your website more appealing and quicker and easier for people to use.

The great thing about conversion optimisation is that you are often working with existing assets. Rather than re-designing your entire website or making drastic functionality changes, relatively minor tweaks can have far reaching effects.


The same number of website visitors can result in more sales or enquiries.

By understanding what your customers want and how to give it to them quickly, you can greatly improve their website experience, making them far more likely to complete any given goal.

Here are five important website conversion optimisation considerations:

1. Clarify your key messaging

You need to get across your unique value proposition clearly and effectively, so make sure your messaging is clear and concise. A cluttered website will detract from your calls to action. Looking for ways to simplify both your messaging and processes will help to improve your conversion rates.

2. Understand goals

What do you want people to do when they visit your website? Make sure people always have a clear and immediate route by which they can fulfill specific goals – these will generally be to make an enquiry or purchase something.

3. Shorten the customer journey

How many clicks does it take for someone to complete a goal? A long drawn out process increases the chance of people dropping out at any given stage, so be smart. Make it quick and easy for people to find information and complete actions.

4. Improve visual cues

Small changes can make a big difference, for example, changing the colour of a banner, using slightly different language in your calls to action or removing fields from forms. These will all have a big impact on how people use your website. Running tests on a series of relatively small adjustments to your site can allow for some quick wins.

5. Track everything

Before you implement any changes, make sure you have tracking set up that will allow you to evaluate the impact of the changes that you make.

Source: Social Media Today

Author: Shell Robshaw-Bryan