20 Tips For An Awesome Social Media Strategy

Social media strategies are the concept of making reasonable and measured goals within a limited time frame with a specific set of social media networks to a targeted audience for a direct and intended purpose.

This infographic highlights 20 great tips and data to come up with your own social media strategy.



  1. Know your audience
  2. Provide useful information
  3. Add a voice to your content
  4. Use Perfect Pictures
  5. Talk to your customer
  6. Promote your events
  7. Same brand identity on all networks
  8. Ask question
  9. Hire a content creator
  10. Be active on all social platforms
  11. Responsive mobile friendly site
  12. Be proactive, not reactive
  13. Share content consistently
  14. Use infographics to boost your brand visibility
  15. Analyze your work
  16. Know what is trending, what works and what not
  17. Engage Engage and Engage
  18. Set targets
  19. Don’t wait to act
  20. Engage your team.

Successful businesses start with a plan and strategy from the beginning that gives them a goal and direction to share and engage well.

20 way to consider in Social Media Strategies [infographic]

Source: Social Media Today

Author: Irfan Ahmad