SEO used to be easy – you could pay less than £100 for thousands of links, stuff a load of keywords on your site and see instant results – Those days are gone!

Google has introduced wave after wave of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm updates aimed at combating web spam and making sure they deliver the best results it can to those searching on the internet.

Below is an infographic from Raka Creative that highlights 3 new rules of SEO all website owners must follow if they want to survive these recent updates. We’ve highlighted the most important bits below:

Create Awesome Content

Great content naturally generates relevant backlinks. Content can be anything from a blog post (like this) an image or video, or even an infographic (like the one below).

But don’t just fire out any old rubbish just for the sake of creating content though. It has to be great content that people find useful or funny and will want to share with the people they are connected to.

Social Signals

Always promote your content via social networks. The more people retweet, comment, like, pin and share the more popular and relevant the search engines will view your content.

Take the time to reach out to market leaders and see if they can share your content for you. It will open up your information to a whole new audience

Make the effort to increase your social outreach. Follow people within your industry and people who would find the content you share interesting and useful.

Clean Linking

Make sure all incoming and outgoing links are from relevant and authoritative sites.

DO NOT participate in reciprocal linking schemes and do not pay someone £50 for a page one ranking – If you’ve survived using these tactics up until now Google will get you eventually.

The 3 Rules of SEO You MUST Follow