Google has been clamping down hard on website owners lately with a wave of zoo like updates and penalties. Some websites have dropped from the first page down to the 10th or been removed from the index completely. If you’ve been using shady techniques and haven’t been hit yet no doubt your time will come.

But what are these shady techniques? Well, this really cool infographic from Infaweb gives you 4 examples of SEO techniques you should stop using immediately.

1 – Directory Links: Google wants you to earn links from relevant websites. Low quality directories that list every Tom, Dick or Harry isn’t going to help achieve that.

2 – Reciprocal Linking: Do you have a page on your site that links to hundreds of websites who link back to you? What value is that giving to your site visitors?

3 – Site wide links: If you’ve got a link on a website and it appears on all 1,507 of their webpages with the same anchor text you can be sure red flags will be waving at Google HQ.

4 – Forum and Blog Comments: Stop spamming a load of low authority and off topic sites with comments in order to build links.

4 SEO Techniques You Must Stop Using Immediately