Have you updated your website recently? Have you stayed up to date with the current web design trends? If the answer is no, your website could look like something from the stone age.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common (and most annoying) website features you might still have on your site that you really should change, sharpish.

21 Outdated Website Features From The Stone Age

1 – Flash Intros

Most flash intros look rubbish, are completely pointless, take ages to load and are just outright annoying for your visitors.

2 – Not Visible on Mobile or Tablet

Over 40% of total web traffic now comes from mobiles and tablets. If your site isn’t visible on either, that’s a huge chunk of visitors you’re missing out on.

3 – Slow Web Pages

People expect web pages to load within 3 seconds. Remove anything that is slowing your site down or people will feel like they are using the old Dial-up internet service.

4 – Outdated text

Does your site still say Copyright 2001, or was your last blog post 5 years ago? Visitors will just think you are no longer trading.

5 – Spelling Mitsakes & Poor Gramma

If you don’t have a Master’s degree in English Language there’s this new amazing computer program called spell check. Make sure you use it.

6 – Outdated Fonts

Using an old font can give your site a very dated feel. If you’re using Times New Roman or Comic Sans, have a rethink.

7 – Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Still have the dummy text your designer added to your site? Get rid of it!

8 – Cluttered Design

If you’ve tried to fill every blank space on your site you’re just making it harder for your visitors to find the important stuff.

9 – Poor Navigation

Your menu should be easy to find. Decrease your bounce rate and increase conversions with nice clear menu options.

10 – Stock Images

Don’t use images that can be seen on a million other websites. Take the time to personalise your site so that customers can get to know you.

11 – Animated Gifs

Why these were invented we’ll never know. You might think they’re funny, your visitors think they look awful.

12 – Under Construction

If you haven’t had a chance to design your site yet displaying your logo and contact details is far better than an under construction sign.

13 – Visitor Counters

Haven’t you heard of Google Analytics? You don’t need to show everyone how many visitors you’ve had (or not had).

14 – Pop up Boxes

We all want more email subscribers and Facebook likes. But don’t ram it down your visitor’s throats, they’ll just go elsewhere.

15 – Too Much Text

Trying to cram as much text as you can into the smallest possible space will make your site look like a school essay. That just reminds people how old they are.

16 – Scrolling Text

Unless you are a news outlet scrolling text looks cheap and nasty. There are far better ways to bring your visitors attention to what you have to say.

17 – Free Email Service

If your company email address is mycompany@hotmail.com you look like an amateur! Catch all email forwarding is free with most domain registrars.

18 – Repeating Background Images

We get it, you love your logo. Do you really think people want to see it repeated 20 times behind the rest of your site though?

19 – Auto Play Media

Do your videos or music start playing automatically. How about you let your visitors choose if they want to watch or listen?

20 – Sideways Scrolling

Make sure your site fits into a standard 960 pixel screen. Or, if you have the funds, invest in responsive design.

21 – Sideways Alignment

People are used to viewing your site in the centre of their screen. Make sure you centre yours.