Are you struggling to get your website found on Google? Could you be using the wrong SEO techniques and lowering your ranking?

With so many factors affecting the performance of your website on Google (there’s 200+ according to this infographic) it can be hard for the untrained eye to keep track of it all. To start with its best to just keep things simple and progress once you have the basics.

What are the simple things you could be missing though? Constant Contact wrote this great article on the subject and we gave it the infographic treatment below.

Not Getting Found on Google Here’s 10 SEO Mistakes You Might be Making

Search Engine Optimisation – it’s often the bane of every website owner’s life.

With the hard work over on designing and producing an amazing website, it’s easy to think it’ll all work out by itself and traffic will come by in abundance.

After all, great exposure automatically comes with having a website, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy (we wish it was!) Now the on-going work begins on making your website constantly visible on search engine results pages (SERPs). And that requires an SEO strategy that delivers.

SEO commands a massive role in driving traffic to your website. It’s no surprise that people have built whole careers specialising in helping website owners get more exposure online.

But you’d be surprised at how neglected SEO often becomes for many people with a website. That could be down to limited knowledge or even time. But knowledge and time are two things that we can improve upon, and ensuring you dedicate time to improving your website’s SEO will pay back dividends you never thought possible.

Of course, mastering SEO can’t be done overnight. It’s an investment that has no quick solution.

And it isn’t helped by the fact that it holds a notorious reputation for being secretive and liable to recurring updates – many of which have turned the traffic tides of many website owners.

For competitive reasons alone, Google likes to keep their cards close to their chest when it comes to revealing the best SEO approach.

However, the secrets to an amazing SEO strategy aren’t really secrets if you know where to look.

Websites that have powerful rankings all have three things in common. They:

  • Contain relevant, engaging, and valuable content that users return for.
  • Understand their target audience well and create content around their customers’ needs.
  • From a technical point of view, understand the necessary changes to make to optimise content for crawlers.

SEO is a huge world that, when uncovered, seems never-ending.

If you’re just getting to grips with optimising your website for search engine listings, chances are you’re probably not quite ready to dive in and make all those technical changes.

A great place to start, however, is by producing content geared towards effective SEO.

That means producing content that search engines love. And that means starting with content your audience will love, too.

One of the biggest SEO mistakes website owners make is forgetting their audience when it comes to content.

Whatever content you have displayed on your website – whether a blog, images, or video – you need to ask yourself is this relevant for my audience?

If you don’t know who your audience is, how will you know what they need, or what you will need to have on your website to solve their problems?

Thinking about content in this way makes for a much more informed SEO strategy going forward that will make it so much easier for search engines to rank your website for its users.