Are you wondering when to share on your social media accounts? Could there be a best day or time to achieve the most possible engagement on your posts?

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question, it can be company and industry dependent. For example, we don’t have a preferred day and time to share our posts, we share all day every day.

We’ve built up thousands of blog posts over the years, and most of it is evergreen content that can continue to be shared for many more years to come.

We also have a global audience (US, Australia and India in the most part), so we receive just as much engagement and traffic when we post in the early hours of the morning as we do in UK business hours.

We’re often asked how we post all the time, a couple of people wondered if we have someone sat at a desk 24 hours a day, but actually we use a nifty tool called SocialOomph to keep our posts rolling out on repeat across each of our social accounts.

But if you’re just starting out you probably don’t have a global audience or a ton of content to share, so you’ll likely need some guidance as to the peak days and times to ensure your posts achieve the most engagement possible.

To help, SOCi have published this infographic with some generic stats that will help you along the way.