So, you know the key to social media success requires the use of visuals, but what size should they be across the different social networks?

Each social media platform uses different size images for different devices, so to get setup with a kick ass visual social media strategy you’ll need to do a bit of work to get your images looking good.

Here is a list of images you’ll need for your social accounts:

  • Profile image – This will be a picture of you, or maybe your company logo. It’s almost always a square, but can sometimes be circled off for you by the platform.
  • Cover image – This is the big image that appears behind your profile picture. It’s usually a rectangle.
  • Post images – These will be your day to day post images (or your ads if you pay for them) that will appear in your followers’ feeds. They need to stand out to grab attention.
  • Preview images – These are the images that appear when you post an external link or video (without an accompanying image).

So, there’s plenty you need to optimise, and to help the team at We are Top 10 have included the optimum image sizes for each network in the infographic below.