What colours do you use across your marketing collateral? Are they evoking the right emotional triggers with your customers?

Choosing the right colour for your website, logo and anything else you use to market your business needn’t be hard, you just need to understand a few basics about the psychology of colour and the emotional triggers they evoke.

Conversioner share their guide to the emotional triggers of different colours in the infographic below.

If we take Red as an example, our colour scheme makes potential customers feel excitement, energy and passion.

We basically make visitors go all giddy so that they can’t help but contact us. It’s why when there’s a sale in a shop you usually see a big red sign.

But what if uncontrollable excitement isn’t something you want your customers to experience? What if you want to evoke calm and trust?

That’s when you might want to look a blue or green colour scheme.

Just decide how you want your ideal customer to feel and use this guide to choose the right colours.