Are you looking for ways to measure the success of your marketing efforts? Want to know the figures you should track to see if your campaigns are working?

PureB2B share 23 metrics you should track in this infographic.

Here’s what is included:

  • Click-through rate
  • Time to conversion
  • Conversion rate
  • Average close rate
  • Return on investment
  • Media efficiency ratio
  • Marketing qualified leads
  • Cost per impression
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Cost per lead
  • Closing rate
  • Sales qualified leads
  • Win rate
  • Month to date goal
  • Paid vs organic lead percentage
  • Close rate per channel
  • Lead channel origination rate
  • Leads generated per offer
  • Keyword performance
  • Landing page new contacts
  • Content conversion rate

Check out the infographic for more detail.