Do you struggle writing copy for your website, email and social media posts? Want to learn how to write marketing copy that works best on each different platform?

Vertical Response share their copywriting basics in this infographic.

They provide tips for the following different platforms:

  • Promotional emails
  • Email newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Website

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Writing good copy for your customers is a crucial marketing strategy to communicate effectively. Not all businesses are the same, so your copy needs to reflect your personal brand in a creative way.

Every platform is different. This demands different approaches to your copy and the way you reach out.

At the end of the day, your copy is your invitation to customers; it’s your call to action, and it’s how you ensure the way you engage with your audience is productive, enticing, and co-operative.

E-mail Promo Copy

Yes. You heard it here. E-mail is still an effective way to engage with your customers, and it isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. According to Smart Insights, E-mail ranks in the top 3 most effective channels for driving visits and leads!

There is an immortal (sadly) aspect to e-mails. Whilst social media may come and go, we will pretty much always have e-mail as the backbone of communication technology. As a copywriter, you need to use this to your advantage.

Given these shockers, it’s important you sit up straight and start to take e-mail copy seriously (if you hadn’t done before). Whilst we sometimes get fed up of e-mails, it still remains a reliable engine for marketing your copy.

For the reasons outlined above, e-mail copy is best utilised when it’s concise, clear, and action-oriented.

Be prompt

Your recipients have better things to do than sit and scan through a long e-mail; it’s is a dish best served to the point.

After opening your e-mail, your copy has a limited survival rate of grabbing their attention, so make sure you use friendly language, simple sentences, and enticing openers!

Make E-mails Human Again

Get past the sterile appearance of e-mail. Make it more ‘you’ than ‘me’, and communicate with them in a way that doesn’t convince them you’re just another bot out to get clicks.


Invite your reader to take the next step after your pitch. Why not offer a promo code?

Anecdotes & imagery

Stand-out in this e-mail world by providing humorous, short anecdotes that are full of captivating imagery. By doing this, you become much more relatable.

E-mail Newsletter Copy

Newsletters allow you to keep in regular contact with your followers. Not only that, you remain a relevant presence in their e-mail boxes amidst the spam and unwanted content.

Répondez S’il Vous Plaît

Regular contact is important when it comes to establishing a rapport with someone; it shows you care and intend on making the effort for the long haul.

This brings us nicely onto the next point: self-promotion is becoming more unpopular (not to mention a bit predictable) so you need to tailor your newsletter copy to ensure they are the beneficiaries.

Educational tools and advice are helpful for readers who are looking for sources of inspiration!

Blog copy

Personality is key

Blogs are an accessible, informal route to your brand and product. Owing to their relevance in the digital sphere, they are ideal mouthpieces for your content and voice. By being transparent, you can really communicate with people on the same level.

By adding a comment section where you can interact with your followers, you can reach out and discuss your copy.

It’s important to keep your blog copy engaging, energetic, and oozing with personality. Fill it with personal stories, opinions, and one or two videos.

Facebook copy

Most people who have a digital presence have a Facebook account. It’s arguably one of the leading social networks available, and this makes it a great hosting site for your copy.

With thousands of groups and pages, though, it’s becoming more difficult to make yours a go-to choice. With a few tips and a sprinkle of creativity, though, you can go against orthodoxy.


With so many users, Facebook’s appeal is primarily driven by its interactivity. Encouraging your audience to like, comment, and share across the platform can boost your presence more than you think.

However, you need to create content that inspires this kind of action.

Diversify your content

Content that drives interaction is humorous, engaging, and unique. Creating your own memes, polls, and contests establishes you as an engaging – and creative – copywriter in the online world.

Capitalise on the latest viral content with your followers to make your copy inviting.

Insta Copy

Instagram’s power is in images, but this doesn’t mean your words have any less inspiration.

A picture speaks a thousand words

Inspiring images need inspiring copy that encourages readers to act. Keep your posts concise, unique, and creative.

To # or not to #?

Tag locations and hashtags not only expand your presence on the app; they encourage readers to investigate further into your brand. A user may come across your copy because they searched for a particular set of hashtags.

*RED TIP* Placing hashtags in the comment section keeps your original posts free of clutter.

Engaging with your followers

…make your content more dynamic and vibrant. Provoke questions in your audience, and invite them to share your content further.

Pinterest copy

Not a usual first-choice for copywriters, Pinterest has a lot of untapped potential when it comes to copywriting.

Pinterest’s creative flair screams out for ingenuous copy.

Do be careful, however. Pinterest’s Ts & Cs make it clear that self-promotion and direct marketing are forbidden.

Be creative and get around this by turning to indirect marketing. Produce pin boards that are themed and/or seasonal. If you produce gifts, why not create a specific board for different seasons?

LinkedIn Copy

For the more professional bunch, LinkedIn is great for targeting. It’s the largest professional network, so having an effective LinkedIn profile can really support your copywriting.

Entice action from viewers by adding them to your circles, posing questions, and posting shareable information.