Do you struggle to create content to share on your social media accounts? Want a long list of content ideas your social media followers will love?

You’ll find plenty to fill your monthly calendar up in the following three infographics.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn:

Check out the infographics for full detail.

This infographic is all about building on your relationship with your audience. For some, social media often impedes human communication. However, it doesn’t have to be like this for you.

As you can see from this infographic, you have the power to stand out and make your brand approachable.

One of the ways you can do this is by hosting…

Discount/Promotional events

…at regular periods throughout the calendar year. January, Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas present themselves as great opportunities for consumers to take advantage of your promotional events.

Seasonal discounts are a great way to introduce your products to new customers, and with Christmas approaching around the corner, this is the perfect time for you to get creative!

If you are looking to incentivise sharing on your platform, referrals are a clever way to yield results. For example, each referral generated means that customer is entered into a prize draw. The prize on offer, of course, could be one of your own products.

You could offer extended discounts/promotions to new customers, customers who subscribe to e-mail marketing, or customers who win a hand-picked draw from social media engagement (retweets, shares, likes)

Why not offer a limited-time-only pay day promotion?

These techniques can be employed to increase your brand awareness on various social media platforms. Click here to see how we can help you manage your social media presence.

Looking to spread the word?

Customer testimonials let your results (and customers!) speak for themselves and are fantastic for offering non-biased ratings to visitors on your site.

According to Social Barrel, the average consumer consults at least 11 reviews before deciding to make a purchase. They want to know what other people think of your business, so this is the time to prove how great you are!

At the end of the day, we all want our hard-earned money going towards something we know to be worth it. That’s why customer testimonials are so valuable when it comes to promoting your brand.

Customer testimonials do the advertising for you, and showcase how willing you are to engage with their reviews.

One often underrated benefit of testimonials is that they give you the opportunity to solve issues with customers. This is a great opportunity to show how determined you are to put things right!

Give it a go! Set up a ‘What are people saying?’ section to let people know where you can take them. Placing this at the top of your homepage can catch the attention of your customers immediately.

This is a great infographic to have on-hand when you are looking to make your brand more versatile on social media.

Looking to inspire your visitors?

Hosting an Influencer of the Day enables you to not only make your brand more relevant in the digital sphere, but also to diversify the type of content your audience sees throughout the day.

Influencers can discuss certain topics, host Live Q+As, or offer video tutorials to engage with your audience.

As they bring their reputation with them, you can work together to transform your relationship with your audience!

Make your social media more than just a place to visit. By offering tips, advice, and problem-solving techniques, you are making your social media a place that is useful to your followers.

Having a purpose really encourages your work and motivates you to produce the best content. By being a resourceful hub, your social media presence can offer your followers something different on the market.

You could offer tips on money-saving, motivation, time-saving, and on education such as revision tools and study essentials. Get crafty and produce low-cost videos to accompany these, and make your presence stand out.

Hosting online polls and short questionnaires are a sure-fire way to engage with your followers and see what they think.

Asking your followers for feedback shows that you care about your consumers/visitors and that you are interested in making your social media work for them.

You could be asking for their thoughts on a product, service, or general visitor experience.

Take a look at this poll from Starbucks:

It’s a simple poll, but effective in gauging their customer preferences. Not only this, but it shows that they value their customer’s feedback.

Polls and questionnaires are not only useful for gauging your audience’s opinion. They can be excellent ways in using them to drive decisions. Ultimately, consumers can feel empowered and feel like they have a stake in your strategy.

Engaging with your followers during real-time events is a powerful way to keep your audience engaged in your content. Live events, TV shows, and films offer you the opportunity to tap into their real-time experiences.

Polls generated during live events have the effect of bringing your audience together under one digital roof, and allowing those missing out on the live event to feel they are still a part.

The examples used in the infographic above are playful, often trivial – but still have the effect of engaging with your audience in a meaningful way.

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