Are you looking for ways to improve your business website? Want to better utilise your website as a growth tool for your business?

We share 30 ways to improve your website conversion rate in this infographic.

Here’s the top five from the list:

  • Include as few fields as possible on forms
  • Use testimonials
  • Clearly state product / service benefits
  • Include subscriber and social media follower counts
  • Write clear, compelling copy

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Your website conversion rates is a measurement of how many people take a desired action you have set.

If you find yourself updating your blog constantly, it might be a good idea to alert your followers. You could do this by setting up an opt-in subscription service, where customers receive an e-mail every time you update your blog.

A conversion happens here when someone signs up to that service.

You could be running an e-Commerce website selling a range of cosmetic products. A conversion happens when a visitor becomes a paying customer.

It could be downloads for an app you’ve made for the business. Even more, it could be more than that – it could be how many people actually use the app.

Whilst conversion rates are most commonly associated with monetary sales, they can be applied to anything that requires action.

Trying to improve conversion rates is essentially asking ‘how can I get my visitors to do more of the stuff I want them to?’ The answer to this is generating enough incentives for them to actually do what you want them to do.

Above all, you need to be able to convince potential customers that they will benefit. And this isn’t as easy as it first seems. It’s all about creating value for your customers.

How do I measure conversion rates?

You can easily calculate your conversion rate using the formula below:

CR = Total Number of Conversions  ÷  Total Number of Engagement/Sessions

For example, last month your website received 18,500 visitors. 1,000 of them decided to purchase some of your products. Your conversion rate would be:

1,000 ÷ 18,500 = 5%

If you are running some online ads, you may have generated 60 leads from 200 clicks. Your conversion rate would be 30%. The good thing about Ad services is that you’ll find many of them have your conversion rates right there on their interface!

Calculating conversion rates is a valuable way to measure the performance of ad campaigns, form submissions, and subscription services (to name a few). Ultimately, it’s an indicator of how well you are getting the word out.