Are you in the process of reviewing your business website for 2019? Want to know the features you should remove from your website as soon as possible?

We share 19 outdated website features to remove immediately in this infographic.

Here are the first five on the list:

  • Flash intros – allow visitors to see your content straight away
  • Your site isn’t visible on mobile – you should think mobile-first
  • Slow loading pages – you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression
  • Outdated content – keep everything up to date so visitors think you are still trading
  • Poor spelling and grammar – nothing will make you look more unprofessional

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Flash intros

If there’s one button that’s a favourite with web users, it’s ‘Skip’.

Flash intros were once viewed (and to some extent, still are) by designers as the avenue to UX success.

While flash intros may have been considered advanced website features that made your presence unique, modern, and – dare I say it – ‘cool’, they’ve quickly become an annoyance.

Not only do flash intros make your website looks wholly unprofessional – they distract users from content and extend waiting times for that content. And nobody likes to wait longer.

You may be thinking flash intros are a great feature for making you and your website stand out. And while they’re certainly different, they’re downright pervasive. Not only that – they’ll slow your website down.

And as we all know first impressions count, your brand perception will rapidly falter thanks to a slow website response rate.

‘Mobile coming soon…’

If your website isn’t mobile friendly yet, you need to reconsider your priorities.

The vast majority of us now access the internet on-the-go, and this means when we’re out and about on our mobile devices.

Sure, your analytics may display many desktop users for your website, but it’s on mobile where you’ll make a considerable impact when users don’t have access to that desktop.

Your website traffic misses out on a massive chunk of people when it isn’t available on mobile. And not only that – you’re missing out on potential customers who normally would have visited your website whilst on their mobile.

‘Under construction’

Every website needs a little TLC from time to time. Updating websites helps our brands to stay modern, relevant, and engaging. And this can’t be achieved when they are live. So that means taking it down for construction.

But when you shut off your website completely to the outside world, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity for audience engagement.

Having contact details, an interesting video reel, or even a joke or two will do you wonders, and will make you seem much more approachable, friendly, and engaging.

So, the next time you need to take your website down for construction, think about how you can communicate this to visitors in a way that will prevent you from turning your backs to them.

Outdated typefaces

Typefaces are the visual language of your website. They have a huge potential to influence how users consume your content.

We’ve all done it before. As soon as we look for a ‘professional’ font, we immediately think of Times New Roman, or Georgia. We won’t be the first to say this: popular typefaces like these two have saturated web presences and are cringe-worthy. And unfortunately, they make you look like you haven’t given much thought to selecting a typeface to leverage your unique brand voice.

Don’t be swooned by Times New Roman: invest in a font that truly embodies your mission and drives it forward.