Are you looking for ways to improve your ranking on Google? Want to build external links to your website and improve your domain authority?

We share 52 ways to build links to your site in this infographic.

Here are some of the most effective methods from the list:

  • Create infographics
  • Link out to other sites
  • Check out your competitors link profiles
  • Broken link building
  • Skyscraper technique

Check out the infographic for more detail.

What are Backlinks, and what do they do?

Backlinks, or inbound links, are what happens when one website links to another website, creating a backlink.

Let’s say you run a blog website about healthy eating. It’s got amazing content and is valuable for your audience looking to change their diet and eating habits.

Along comes a healthy eating organisation looking to diversify their content. They’ve decided to also run a blog page about healthy eating – and they’ve spotted your latest post.

This reputable, authoritative healthy eating organisation writes content about your content, and cites you as a source at the bottom of the page.

And there you have it – a backlink!

Why are they so important?

Backlinks are gold dust because of the amazing SEO capabilities they can bring.

They’re a huge ranking signal for the likes of Google, who favour websites supported by authoritative websites.

We all know Google loves websites that are valuable to their users – it’s one of many factors they consider when ranking webpages.

The importance of backlinks has nothing to do with how many you get. It’s all about who you get them from. And, more importantly, it’s about receiving high-quality backlinks.

And, going back to that reputable and valuable website that has just linked to your page, you’re now on even better terms with Google.

Because if a high-quality website links to your page, Google sees you as reputable, too.

How do you get them?

The biggest and best way to acquire those links is by providing content that users will find linkable.

Think here about information-led content, videos, and educational resources that users find both entertaining and useful.

Relevance is another huge factor when it comes to building backlinks from trusted websites in your field. If they don’t see your content as relevant, they won’t link.

It’s crucial here you know exactly who your audiences are, so you can write better, more targeted content that’s linkable.

A great way to combine most of the above is by having infographics relevant to your industry. Not only are they a great source of edutainment, but they’re incredibly attractive for link-building.

Get social media savvy. By pursuing your interests online and reaching out to top influencers in your niche, you can achieve more by doing less.

And if those people find your content good for their followers, you’ll soon see your traffic increasing.