We’re back again with your weekly-round up, giving you 10 of the best blogs the team have read this week. Don’t say we never treat you.

This week, we’ve handpicked a selection of our favourite blogs to help you and your business do amazing things.

If you want to learn all about the power of infographics, how to write stellar ads, or how to master chatbots for eCommerce – you’re in good company.

On behalf of us all, we’re glad to have you joining our weekly round-up.

Now get stuck in.

SiegeMedia – Why and How Infographics Still Work

Wake up and smell the coffee, folks. Infographics still work and are a source of content your audience will prefer rather than being fed chunks of boring text.

Let’s be real. Who wants to read lines and lines of text when you can look at pretty pictures that tell you stuff? Not us.

Visual media has been proven to drive engagement far more than text. We don’t make the rules.

Whilst we all need text to get by, it’s good to mix things up a bit, no?

Infographics, when done right (you know who you are), can do something special to your content.

They can turn your content into shareable, engaging, and valuable content. That’s the holy trinity in case you didn’t know. You do now.

In his blog post, marketing master Vincent Nero tells us one simple thing (amongst others) we mustn’t forget.

Infographics can take really complex stuff, like, science, and make it far more user-friendly for people like you and me who aren’t scientists. What this means is you now have an opportunity to connect with more audiences – and scientists – than ever.

What are you waiting for? Go!


Wordstream – 4 Tips to Write Your Best Google & Facebook Ads Ever

We get it. You’re busy. You’ve things to do and people to see. Your schedule is hectic – like, so hectic. It’s cool.

But if you want your business to go anywhere, you’re going to want people to click on your ads, as Holly Niemiec and Conor Bond say in their Wordstream article.

Their article does two great things for us. It tells us how to write our best Google and Facebook ads. Ever. And we always enjoy reading articles that tell us how to do things.

The article raises a great point: generally, people don’t like being advertised to. And, to be honest, you can’t blame them. We’re living in a crazy, brand-saturated world. And there’s a lot of ads.

The need to craft more engaging, enticing, and relevant ads has never been greater.

It falls to you, dear reader, to take up the baton of good ad copy and to save us all.


Get Response – Emails Going to Spam? 12 Reasons Why That Happens and What You Can Do About It

What’s worse than stubbing your toe on a corner piece? Having important e-mails going to spam.

Just kidding – there really is nothing worse than slamming your toe into a corner piece.

But all those important emails going straight to your clients’ spam folder – that’s still pretty annoying, right?

The reason you may be suffering from low inbox opening rates could be, in part, down to this. And it happens more than you think. In fact, about 1 in every 5 emails you send to customers will either be spammified or blocked entirely. Shocking, we know!

So, just how can you prevent emails from going straight to spam? Well, you’ll need to work out why they’re going to spam in the first place. It could be that you haven’t even got permission to e-mail your clients, or that you didn’t include a subject line.

And when it comes to avoiding email spam, you can do all sorts, from using spam filter checks, to encouraging subscribers to whitelist your e-mails.

Hungry for more? Good. Michal Leszczynski, over at Get Response, has loads of other great tips in this article.


Content Marketing Institute – What Content Really Engages? The Inside Scoop From 30 Marketers

It’s back again. ‘Engaging content’. Don’t you just love it?

Sadly, it’s become one of those overused, inaccessible buzz phrases that, over time, lose their meaning. A bit like digital transformation.

Sure, engaging content really does matter. A lot. If your audiences don’t engage with your content, you’re not going to get very far.

But it’s difficult to pinpoint just exactly what engaging content looks like for businesses looking to provide value for their customers. There we go again.

The best thing about this CMI article by Ann Gynn is that it’s full of simple, straightforward tips that can help you clear things up a bit. And we all need a bit of that.

What content really engages? Emotional content. Content that respects audiences. Content that is real and gets people involved. In this article you’ll not only learn about what engaging content looks like, but how to do it for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but we’re feeling really inspired right now. I think it’s time to go out there and, I don’t know, do something amazing.


Smart Insights – 6 Chatbot Best Practices For E-Commerce Sites

Now, when it comes to anticipating the future, it’s easy to conjure up loads of Black Mirror-esque dystopian scenarios, right? From ordering the wrong groceries to getting your hair appointment wrong – thinking about the future of AI can be pretty scary sometimes.

Though chatbots haven’t quite reached the stage of full automation yet (at this stage, this is a positive thing), they are becoming more and more sophisticated.

And they can also completely revolutionise the way you do business online. Big claim.

That’s because chatbots allow you to instantly engage with potential customers in a way that e-mail marketing, re-targeting, and social media just can’t.

In his article, Mark D. Hall discusses 6 chatbot practices for eCommerce websites that will significantly improve your customers’ experiences.

From using typing indicators right the way through to integrating AI apps, you won’t know how you coped before accepting these chatbot tips into your life.


Single Grain – 7 Dead Simple Social Media Marketing Tactics That Still Work Today

If you’d rather wait a bit before embracing chatbots, then do not fret.

In today’s busy marketing world, it’s important us marketers take a step back, take a deep breath – go on – and begin our busy days with the following affirmation: simple works.

We don’t offer yoga classes, but we do have an announcement: there are loads of (seven, in fact) dead simple social media marketing tactics that still work today.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. When it comes to achieving social media marketing success, it’s often a good idea to go back to the basics.

Sure, testing new ideas is what allows us to grow and expand our capabilities. But having a reservoir of tried and tested techniques means you can still get the gold with the old.

We can almost hear all your gasps of disbelief. But stay with us. This is important.

Eric Siu, writing for Single Grain, is here to salvage your loss of social media marketing faith. It happens to the best of us, but you’re in good company.


Entrepreneur – 5 Automated Email Marketing Messages You Should Be Using

We seem to be running on a theme here, don’t we? We’re not obsessed with automation, honest.

But when it comes to e-mails, it might be a good idea to dip your toe in the world of automated marketing.

Before we begin, I want you to imagine me waving a huge, billowing red flag right in front of your face. And keep it there.

Because automated e-mail marketing can be a dangerous world. Respect it, and it will respect you.

When done correctly, astutely, and informed by your audience – automated email marketing messages can do wonders for you. In fact, as Susan Gunelius begins her Entrepreneur article with, you can drive more conversions and increase your ROI significantly.

The truth is, many of us busy bees simply don’t have time (at least we’d like to think) to craft unique e-mails every single hour of the day. That’s where the beauty of automated email marketing comes in. You can still write engaging and focused emails, and have more time on your hands at the end!


Digital Marketing Philippines – GIF Marketing – How Brands Use GIF’s for Business Growth

GIF stands for Great Image Fun.

Just kidding. Actually, if you didn’t already know, GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format – which kinda’ masks their actual true greatness.

And true greatness indeed. After JPEGs, GIFs are the most used image format on the World Wide Web!

If you use Twitter regularly like we do, you’ll quickly see how popular GIFs have become on the platform to sum up what we’re thinking. Honestly, you can spend hours searching for amazing GIFs. We don’t do that. At all.

For all you traditionalists that are repelled by pop culture trends, you’re probably thinking how on earth could GIFs be used by brands for the better?

Well, this article by Jomer Gregorio over at Digital Marketing Philippines has it all. And more.

From educational to the bizarre, GIFs have become a staple marketing ingredient for connecting with target audiences – new and old – in a way you just won’t get with any other kinds of content.

So GIF outta’ here and click the link below.


Moz – How to Target Featured Snippet Opportunities

Have you ever indulged in your curiosity and searched for the best origami tips?

Or ‘do llamas have hooves?’

No? Just me? Disappointing.

Well, now’s your chance. I invite you to search, even if you already knew the answer: ‘do llamas have hooves?’.

When you search this very legitimate, very important query, you’ll see what’s called a ‘featured snippet’ right at the very top.

Google defines their featured snippets as ‘special boxes where the format of regular listings is reversed, showing the descriptive snippet first’.

Special boxes.

Obviously, featured snippets are there to provide users with very quick, very useful, answers to their queries.

They’re most commonly used for the more concise, simpler entries, such as a time zone query, or a recipe for a sponge cake.

Featured snippets have become very popular with website owners. Why? Because if a user is searching for something, it could be your website that appears in that featured snippet. And that means it gets listed above all those paid ads and organic listings.

Now, as we know, Google doesn’t give very much away when it comes to finding out how to get your website to appear in featured snippets.

But this article by Britney Muller does give some very helpful pointers on how you can target those snippets and at least make a start.



Convince & Convert – How to Grow Your Email List

We’re back again with some amazing tips on how to absolutely smash your e-mail marketing.

This article by Ann Smarty for Convince & Convert is all about growing your e-mail list.

And why’s that important? Because it’s getting harder and harder.

We’re living in a busy, busy world. In fact, I just about have enough time to catch up on Stranger Things and  keep up to date with Reddit.

It’s tough.

And you know what else is tough? Getting customers to open e-mails, because they have stuff to do, people to see, and llamas to read up about.

As Ann Smarty says in her amazing article, users are being bombarded with loads of content on every device they own. Are they really going to become regular readers of your e-mails? Maybe.

You might need to shake things up a bit – but how?

From diversifying traffic sources to answering questions on Quora, Ann Smarty is here to save the day before you head into your weekend.