It’s been another busy week for the team here at Red Website Design. In-between building amazing websites for clients, we’ve been reading up about all sorts of marketing tips, advice, and guides to get ahead.

And we’d like to share this week’s favourites with you, our dear reader.

In a week that’s seen a huge change to Twitter’s interface, ravaging thunderstorms, and even a new UK Prime Minister – it’s time to take a breather and indulge in some marketing articles.

It’s your weekly round-up from Yours Truly.

Entrepreneur – 6 Outdated Marketing Tactics You Need to Leave in the Past (Where They Belong)

We’re just going to come and tell it how it is, because we all need this kind of honesty in our lives.

There are some things in this world that you just need to leave in the past where they belong.

Getting angry at fictional TV characters. Citing daily weather forecasts as irrevocable evidence that we’re on the brink of a natural disaster. Shamelessly asking people online to join your fan club. About yourself.

And trying your best to market your services at people en masse. Because ‘surely everybody would benefit from my product’, right? Yeah. You’re not the only one.

We know you’ll be guilty of at least one or two of these outdated marketing faux pas as explored by Aimee Tariq in this Entrepreneur article.

Luckily for you, this is a judgemental-free zone. We don’t make assumptions.

But it’s better for everybody if you quite while you’re ahead and read this article to finally reach some closure and bury those old, useless tactics for good.


Jeff Bullas – 5 Influencer Marketing Tactics to Build Ultimate Brand Awareness

If you haven’t been living under a rock over the past few years (sounds quite appealing if you ask me), you’ll have seen the term ‘influencer’ or ‘influencer marketing’ being thrown about.

And we’re not referring to Gareth the Guru who’s just reached 10,000 followers on Twitter.

We’re talking about the real stuff. We’re talking about influencers that can really take your product and deliver it to just the right people.

This, after all, is influencer marketing at its best: collaborating with individuals who have expert knowledge in your field, and who can publicly endorse your products or services to their audience.

Sounds straightforward, right?

Yes and no.

You’ll ultimately have a clear end-goal in sight when it comes to influencer marketing. But what are the best tips to get you off to a flying start?

Great question.

Jeff Bullas is here again with some amazing influencer marketing tips to help you build brand awareness and be amazing.


Visme – 13 Types of Visual Content to Share on Social Media

Don’t you just love visual content? Here at Red Website Design, we really love visual content. Like, really love.

And we, just like many other businesses around the world, love visual content because it fares far, far better with our followers.

It totally makes sense when you think about it. Us humans respond far better to visual data than any other data, which means we’re often better at memorising stuff if we can see it.

The same can be said for social media, and boy have we the numbers to prove it.

According to HubSpot, tweets with an image will generate 150X more retweets than those without any images. And for Facebook, posts with photos will see 2.3X more engagement than those without.

If you have your wits about you, you’ll accept that, for social media, utilising visual media is crucial for getting ahead.

But not all social media are the same, right? So, what does this mean for your content marketing strategy?

It means one very simple thing, as Manvi Agarwal outlines in this Visme article. You’re going to have to tailor your original visual content for each social media platform.


Social Media Today – 9 Types of Content to Stop Posting on Social Media

Stop what you’re doing right now. Whatever it is – stop.

The previous post told you all about the best content to share on social media. Now it’s time to even things out.

Chances are, you have content – or are about to press post – scheduled for today that does not need to be shared.

The whole point of our weekly roundups is to help you not do bad things. One of those bad things happens to be posting content that is going to damage your brand reputation that you have carefully nurtured over the last few years.

Look, nobody’s perfect, but you’re on your own if you post derogatory, error-ridden, irrelevant posts on the daily.

These are just some no-go posts featured in this Social Media Today article by Aaron Agius – and you need to stay away from them. Forever. Forever ever.

Because, as Aaron points out, when businesses post bad content across their feeds, they risk throwing away those valuable relationships with their audience. It’s the same thing as turning up to your customer’s house and spray-painting all kinds of obscenities. You just wouldn’t do it, right? Right?

So read this post for 9 reasons why your online presence is better off without all this and more.


Smart Insights – 7 Of The Best Keyword Research Tools (Plus 3 for YouTube SEO)

What’s more important than pretending to be happy when your cat brings you a gift because it thinks you are too stupid to feed yourself?

Having a keyword strategy that informs, guides, and simply propels your content marketing strategy to stardom.

Keyword research is the oil in the engine. It’s the cherry on the cake. It’s the beating heart of our lives.

OK – it’s probably not that last one, but it’s still up there when it comes to your SEO strategy.

You see, you can give me your optimised meta descriptions, your link building, and your alt attributes.

But if your keyword research isn’t on-point, that oil in your engine isn’t going to get you very far. And that’s really terrible.

Keyword research – just what is it? We’re glad you’re asking such a sensible question.

Keyword research is all about identifying all those special words and phrases that your customers are searching for online to find products and services you just happen to have.

And how do you get started? Well, before you go off and do something crazy, do yourself a favour and take a look at this blog post by Smart Insights for the right keyword research tools to use.


Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide

What could email marketing and having a decent morning routine possibly have in common? You’ll need to get in the habit of doing both in order to get anywhere in life. (edit: we’re only good at one of these so far).

The good news for you, is that you can learn how to smash the first one right here, right now.

A few years back, Brian Dean launched Backlinko and focused everything he had on email marketing. That’s not easy.

The work paid off, and Backlinko now is one of the most popular resources available to help you do email marketing better. And we’re all here for this kind of help.

We’ve picked out this blog because it’s getting harder than ever to succeed with email marketing. These days, not many customers will sit at their desks waiting for your e-mail to drop. They’re probably 3-seasons deep in their latest Netflix drama. We can’t blame them.

But, here’s the thing. Email marketing still works.

What this means, as Brian Dean says in this article, is your email marketing needs to inspire action from the minute they land in mailboxes.

From generating lead magnets to making the most of campaign templates, we seriously think your morning routines would be better spent learning how to do email marketing the right way.


Search Engine Journal – 5 Non-Spammy Link Building Tips that Work

Spam. You might like it on your plate in-between two hot English muffins, but if it goes anywhere near your link building strategy – you’re toast.

Link building is all about building those natural, unasked for links to your content from other, respectable sources.

Natural links are the holy grail of the link building narrative – they are what will come to your SEO rescue. Don’t @ us.

By cultivating regular, natural links from industry experts, you’ll start to see the difference.

And this is what this article by Roger Montti is all about.

If ‘how do I improve my link building strategy?’ is the question, ‘building links by not actually building links’ is the answer.

If you think this sounds counterproductive – you’re right.

Only it isn’t.

As Roger Montti says in this amazing article, anything worthwhile takes time – link building is one of them. But by investing your time in forming valuable relationships with experts – both on and offline – those links will start to work for you. All by themselves.

Sound too good to be true?

It isn’t.


SEM Rush Blog – 7 Competitor Insights You Can Get in 30 Minutes

Now that you know to keep all that spam well away from your links, we’re going to help you learn more about your competitors while you’re at it. So, buckle in.

To make that happen, we’d like to show you this article by Elena Kozlova over at SEM Rush.

They say keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Of course, your competitors aren’t really your enemies. Unless, of course, they’ve launched a full-scale PR campaign directly at you with memes being shared left right and centre on Twitter. These hit the hardest.

Anyway, the more you can learn about your competitors – the more insights you can gather – the better informed you’ll be going forward.

In Elena’s article, you’ll not only get to grips with the right questions to ask of your competitor. You’ll actually learn about some amazing tools and how they can find those answers for you.

So, give it a go and spy gain more insights about your competitors.


Referral Candy Blog – 244 Insanely Powerful Words That Sell in Emotional Marketing (+Where To Use Them)

Now you and your competitors may have a lot of differences when it comes to business. But one thing is for sure – you’re both human (we hope), and that means you have emotions. And have sung along to one or two love songs. Or cried at Titanic.

Don’t lie.

Bridging that delicate, precarious gap between human emotion and good old business is something referred to as ‘emotional marketing’.

When I think of emotional marketing, I picture those famous John Lewis ads. I picture funny radio ads on a long journey. I picture Old Spice.

Old Spice is such a classic, isn’t it? It’s always used as a prime example of when emotional marketing is done right – and rightly so. Old Spice swooned its audiences – old and new – with ads that made us laugh.

We’ve all had our emotions played with – stories with friends, devastating movies, regrettable ex-partners.

In this ever-changing world, one thing remains: emotional marketing works.

And why does emotional marketing work? Because we rely on our emotions rather than rational thought to inform our decisions.

Because we’re suckers like that. And marketing plays right into it.

So, how can you utilise emotional marketing for your business? By reading this article by Marquis Matson, for starters.


Crowdfire – Top 7 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as A New Blogger

We’ve got one more amazing article for you to feast your eyes upon before you go off into the weekend sunset.

And, like many other millions around the world, your weekend could include plans to start a blog. After weeks of contemplating, reversing on decisions, and sitting with your cat wondering what you want to blog about – you’ve finally made the decision. You’re starting a blog. Hurray!

Whatever you use your blog for, one thing’s for certain: blogs are powerful marketing tools for businesses, big or small.

By maintaining a blog, not only are you connecting with your audience in a more meaningful way – you’re beginning to produce reservoirs of authoritative content. In other words, people will begin returning to your blog because they think you know your stuff. Whether you do isn’t our business.

Before you get to that stage, though, there’s one thing you ought to know.

Blogs aren’t entirely new, and it’s harder than ever to stand out from the next one.

In fact, out of the estimated 1.6 billion websites (and counting, obviously), roughly 500 million are blogs. That’s a lot of blogs. And even more reasons why you need to stand out from the rest.

As with any new things in life, it takes time to become established. As a new blogger, though, there are some things to watch out for to help make your path to blogdom that little bit smoother.

And you can avoid them with the help of Juned Ghanchi.