What could possibly be better than a well-deserved weekend? Our weekly roundup, obviously.

We’re back again with ten of our favourite marketing blogs we’ve read this week.

Why? To help you do business better.

From becoming an SEO expert to web design and AI, we have it all. Again.

Trust me, after you’ve read our roundup you’ll be thinking where were we your entire life?

Now go and read the roundup. You’re in for a real treat.

Quicksprout – The Future of Web Design: Artificial Intelligence

Kicking off this week’s roundup is this fascinating article brought to you by Quicksprout.

You’ve heard it all before – AI is coming.

And you’ve probably seen it yourself online – chatbots, data analysis, and targeting consumers to name just a few examples.

Clearly, AI has been in use for some time now.

Today though, as you’re reading this, AI is beginning to transform not just what we see, but the tools that make it happen – web design.

The way we see it – artificial intelligence (AI) and web design are at a bit of a crossroads.

Though we know artificial intelligence can work wonders for web design, we haven’t quite got our heads around the full capabilities of AI just yet.

And though we’re feeling a rumble in the distance, are we really that confident we’re 100% ready for it?

The technology is coming, that’s for sure.

And though you’re too distracted about your manic weekend that lies ahead, take a breather and consider this.

There’s no way around it – AI is coming. And the more you will try to resist it, the more it will take over.

One way or another, as this guest article points out, AI will slowly become a part of everything we do.

Even web design.

The tip is to stay on top of AI web design trends.

Here’s how:



Hootsuite – How to Make Money on YouTube: 6 Effective Strategies


We don’t know about you, but all this talk about AI on a Friday morning has us all feeling a bit apocalyptic.

We’ve got the perfect antidote if you’re feeling like RoboCop is hitting a little too close to home today.

Making money on YouTube.

YouTube is big business for successful content creators.

In fact, the most famous YouTubers are earning anywhere from $100k to $3.7m every year.

Clearly, with the right business strategy, audience, and content – YouTube is fast becoming the perfect way for creatives – young and old – to cash in.

Now, we’re not saying you’re going to be the next PewDiePie or Jenna Marbles (who knows).

But there is an opportunity here, as Paige Cooper over at Hootsuite will gladly tell you.

Every month, 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube to discover more videos.

1.9 billion.

That’s half the internet. Literally.

But with 500 hours-worth of content uploaded every minute, it’s quite clearly not a straightforward route to the pot of gold.

But it isn’t impossible.

There are ways to turn your love of watching videos into a stream of revenue by creating them.

And it’s not all about ad revenue, either.

Keep getting that bag – and read the article.



QI Magazine – How to Choose the Right Font for Your Website

You and your business have just woken up to some great news.

You’ve decided to go ahead and build your own business website.

Just think of the new world of possibilities – more leads, more conversions, and a better way of putting yourself out there.

You’re already thinking about the interface, the code, and even the colour palette.

And don’t forget about those shiny new, dynamic pages.

You let a sigh of relief – it’s finally coming together. And you’ve been around long enough to envisage what a successful website will look like.

Oh fu ont! You haven’t even given a thought about your website’s typeface!

As Jelisaveta Sapardic points out, designing a website is not an easy process, and requires a lot of thinking to achieve a well-balanced presence.

Your website’s font is just one part of that balance, and your font will play a huge role in communicating your content to audiences.

In fact, your choice of font can say a lot about your business.

Deciding on your website’s font is not easy itself, and you’ll need to take into consideration lots of things.

It’s always best to focus on the basics first.

To sans or not to sans, for example, can help clarify typeface niggles further down the line.

We’ve done enough talking – it’s time you learned how to make the right font work for you.



Socially Sorted – 60+ September Social Media Ideas – Videos, GIFs And More

Can you believe it’s nearly September?

It was only last week when we came back to the office after the Christmas break!


Time waits for no one, as the saying goes. It’s time to dig into our next weekly roundup marketing blog.

And, seeing as it is September soon, you’re in luck with this one.

Succeeding on social media is never easy – whatever the month – we’ll tell you that much.

With social media usage on the rise and businesses becoming ever more social-savvy, establishing a unique presence requires more than the odd post or two.

Thanks to Donna Moritz over at Socially Sorted, you and your business can fill your September calendar with loads of creative social media ideas to get your followers engaged.

And you’ll not just get your lucky hands on the usual national and international September holidays.

You’ll discover the weirdest and wackiest days of celebration to give you the social media edge you’ve always wanted.

Ready to be socially sorted?



Wishpond – 10 Examples of Winning Email Design And How To Make Your Own

We’ve got another idea for your upcoming September – get your email marketing design in order.

Whether your website sells rubber chickens or discusses the latest books to hit your local bookstore – if you want more users to open your emails, you’ll need winning email marketing.

And Victoria Taylor is back with yet another article to help you get your act together.

This week’s Wishpond article is all about email design – and you are in for a treat.

But before we get into email design – here’s a statistic. Do whatever you want with it.

93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content

Now, we don’t need doctorates in further mathematics to appreciate how important email is to content distribution.

But behind every theatre production is a crew that has worked tirelessly behind the scenes – planning, re-designing, and testing.

And behind every email marketing campaign is- you get the idea.

You all know just how important emails are to a business. But what the statistics often don’t tell you, as Victoria Taylor points out, is the design process that goes into each email sent to customers.

Content matters just as much as anything – but it’s also the design and visual layout of emails that so often give it the edge and encourage those clicks.

But how do you get started with winning email design?

Great question.

Read the article and see for yourself.



Duct Tape Marketing – 5 Tools Every Business Needs to Create an Amazing Website

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither are high performing websites (our first drafts come pretty close, though!)

And, just like the ancient city, websites that are successful are built using the right tools and in the right way.

For your business, your website is pretty much your home base. All other marketing exploits – your online and offline networking, your email campaigns, your social media activity, and your shameless business-card frenzy – will inevitably lead customers to your website.

It’s a nice cycle if you think about it.

And getting it right matters. If customers then like what they see, you’ll be onto a winner.

But to get it right, you’ll need to get your hands on the best tools to make it all happen. Capeesh?

Lucky for you, we have 5 of the best ones – right here, right now – thanks to John Jantsch over at Duct Tape Marketing.

As John Jantsch says, having a website with lots of amazing content will do wonders for leads and conversions.

But there are a few technical hurdles you’ll need to jump over to bring your website to life – and to the screens of your audience, of course.

From hosting to design, generating leads to generating personalised landing pages – you’re only 5 tools away from making it all happen.



The Daily Egg – Low Traffic? No Problem! How To Improve Your Website And Increase Sales

Once you’ve picked up your web design tools and took a step back to admire your newly found creation, there’s something missing.

There’s something not quite right.

After scrambling through your website’s contents to double-check everything, you head over to consult your analytics.

And no matter how confident you are about your new business website, your analytics paints a sober picture.

There’s just no traffic.

It happens to the best of us – you’re not alone.

Rome indeed was not built in a day, and what would have been the point had it not even been populated?

The same goes for your business website.

Increasing your website traffic is one of the most important steps to long-term success. Without regular streams of traffic to your website, how can you expect the results?

Cecilia Haynes over at The Daily Egg has some sage words of advice that we could all use.

Your website is just one way you can increase your brand awareness, sell your products, and welcome new customers through those amazing email campaigns you’ve just sent.

The question on our lips, though, is this: without paying attention to your audience, how can you expect them to do the same to your website?

If you are so determined to drive traffic to your website without caring to make the necessary changes to encourage that traffic, you might as well watch your plant grow without watering it.

But we know you’re better than this. Discover how you can get more traffic now.



Backlinko – How to Become an SEO Expert – The Definitive Guide

So, your new website is live. This is the best day since you embarrassed your friend in front of his whole family at that wedding.

No longer is your business at the mercy of opening hours. You’re officially visible to people from every corner of the globe – 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year.

And this is great. It really is.

But it’s just the beginning.

What you’ve actually done is started a long, love/hate relationship with search engines that are looking to rank you and place your content in front of the very same people you have in mind.

But it’s not as simple as that. It never is.

Chances are, you’re more than likely familiar with something called Search Engine Optimisation – and why it’s a crucial ingredient for website success.

If you’re not – well, there’s a first time for everything, right? And you’re in good company.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to every single activity taken to improve the visibility of websites by ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO is a massive ‘industry’ and has basically made whole careers for people who work to understand and leverage Google’s secretive SEO ranking algorithms.

And with first page websites receiving over 70% of all Google traffic – it’s no surprise that mastering SEO is a lucrative skill.

The truth is, however, nobody really knows what goes on inside Google. Whilst Google like to appear transparent over their ranking factors (to be fair, they do tell us standard best practices) – the rules change all the time.

Thanks to Brian Dean, though, you can become an SEO master faster than you think.



Social Media Examiner – 6 Facebook Ad Mistakes Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them

If you haven’t been living under a rock recently, you’ll know that Facebook has been under the spotlight for a series of ‘unfortunate events’.

Despite these storm clouds of controversy, the truth is – Facebook remains a major social media player. At the end of 2018, for example, it had over 2.32 billion active users each month.

What about use? Well, the stats point to something interesting.

When users are searching for news and other content, Google and social media are leaders. And not only that – around 43% of users get their content from Facebook.

When it comes to social media exposure for marketers, then, there’s a case to be had for Facebook ads.

But what about if you already have ads running on Facebook? And what about if those Facebooks ads aren’t performing as well as you’d hoped for?

Mistakes made on Facebook’s ad platform – no matter how big or small – can truly limit your potential in ways you might not even expect.

And that’s where Lisa D. Jenkins comes in. In this Social Media Examiner piece, you’ll learn the best tips from the top advertising experts on Facebook.

From optimising your ads too often, to falling into the one size fits all trap – check out the article to help you do business better.



Moz – How to Get Started Building Links for SEO

There are two things in life worth living for: Monday Night Football and a strong link building strategy for SEO.

Today, we’re focusing on the latter.

As Kameron Jenkins points out, when it comes to SEO, there are three major ‘pillars’ that you need to know about. When combined, these three pillars will bring you straightforward SEO success.

In theory.

They are: content, user experience, and links.

With content that people find useful and valuable, search engines will gladly signal your website as one worth visiting.

The great things about content and user experience is that you can, over time, improve, adapt, and transform your presence for your web visitors. These pillars are very much in your control.

But what about links? To succeed in this area rests on other reputable websites linking to yours. And you don’t have much control over this, right?

Not exactly, Kameron Jenkins reassuringly writes.

Link building is essential to SEO – but what is it exactly? Put simply, link building means increasing the number of links to your website from – and this is important – authoritative websites.

High quality links are some of the most important signals Google uses to rank websites.

And now you can get started with your very own link building strategy.



Well, there you have it. Our weekly roundup has come to an end.

Whatever you do this weekend, taking the time to apply just a few of these tips will help you do business better.

If you missed last week’s weekly roundup, keep it to yourself and catch up here.