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We’ve had a good look at the blogosphere and handpicked 10 marketing blogs for you to read while you do nothing and wait for the weekend.

Whether you’re looking to learn the habits of successful entrepreneurs, or need to jazz up your email signature – we have it all. And more.


Online Rockers Hub – 8 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins in 2019

When potential customers wanted to find out more about businesses and their products, they used to reach for the Yellow Pages, or, god forbid, walk in-store to speak to someone.

These days, things are a bit different as you know.

In today’s digital age, customer service has greatly improved the customer experience.

If you have a business website and customers want to contact you, they could still reach for their phone or even your social media.

But they can also fill out contact forms, too.

Contact forms, as Manan Ghadawala points out, give online visitors the simple advantage of submitting their messages online directly.

Not only are contact forms ideal for rapid communication – they also demonstrate your availability and willingness to be contacted.

And we all like it when businesses do that.

But how exactly can you get your hands on the best contact forms?

You’re in good company with this one.


Neal Schaffer – 10 Content Marketing Blunders Newbie Entrepreneurs Make

So, you’ve established your very own business. You’ve even got yourself a new website.

But navigating the marketing world isn’t easy. With more business tools to analyse, inform, and drive strategy than ever – how do you even get started?

As Prince Kapoor highlights – content marketing!

If you’re looking to invest in a worthwhile marketing cause, content marketing is your best option at the moment.

In fact, the CMI point out that 89% of B2B marketers use content marketing in their strategy.

So, why is content marketing so appealing – and successful – for marketers?

Well, let’s get it out of the way: cost.

Content marketing doesn’t require a big marketing budget. If your finger is on the pulse of your audience’s interests, you have the tools to produce content, and you know how and where to distribute that content – you’re on the right path.

It’s all easier said than done though, and knowing what not to do is just as important.

Which is why we’re bringing you this article by Prince Kapoor for 10 content marketing blunders many marketing entrepreneurs make.


HubSpot – The 12 Types of Content Marketing in a Marketer’s Arsenal

Thought we were done with content marketing?

You thought wrong.

Content marketing offers marketers unique and wonderful ways to present engaging – and often humorous – content that visitors will resonate with. And share.

Content marketing really has been with us for quite some time.

However, as we’re living in an increasingly digital age with display technology playing a massive role in both work and play – the spider’s web of content marketing is only getting bigger.

Whilst this sea of possibility appeals to us, it can often be daunting. With so many types of content marketing forms available, it can be easy to lose track of your goal – promoting your business and serving content your audiences will like.

Today, the most successful brands are able to deploy all sorts of content marketing – while staying true to both brand and strategy.

As Kayla Carmicheal writes, it all comes down to what types of content marketing will best promote your business at that time.

The marketer’s arsenal really is becoming more equipped. Here are 12 types of content marketing being used today.


Convince & Convert – SEO Trends for 2020: How to Get on Top of Google Search

Whilst the discipline of Search Engine Optimisation has retained its key goal – to rank higher on search engine results pages – the strategies and procedures behind it are mutating and changing all of the time.

In fact, looking back over the years, the early landscape of SEO is barely recognisable.

We get it – the new year is only 3 months away (shocking).

But if you want to get ahead in this cut-throat world, you need to stay on top of marketing trends.

Whatever 2020 may bring – we’re not going to even attempt to guess – it’s a good idea to ensure your SEO efforts are the best they can be.

And you’re in good company.

Luckily for you, Ann Smarty is bringing us an amazing blog to make that happen.

From voice search to search intent – get your hands on these SEO trends for 2020.


Digital Marketer – The 4 Critical Steps to Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages – they can be a marketer’s worse nightmare.

They’re supposedly the place where the magic happens – a customer clicks through and is convinced it’s the best thing they’ve done all day.

Whether that’s buying a product or signing up to your newsletters, landing pages are built with the customer in mind.

But with landing pages typically having a meagre 2.35% conversion rate, they’re the bane of modern marketing.

Getting customers to convert is hard, so what’s the big idea?

As the team over at Digital Marketer says – optimisation.

Website optimisation is all about making those all-important changes to ensure you’re targeting the right customers, in the right way.

Read on to discover the 4 steps to landing page optimisation.


Entrepreneur – The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Sometimes, luck does have its way with people.

But, believe it or not, behind every successful entrepreneur is discipline, organisation, and an extra serving of self-belief.

As Napoleon Hill discusses in this extract from his book Success Masters, most success stories are fuelled from within.

From embracing the day early with affirmations and exercise, to daily journaling – successful entrepreneurs are successful because their daily habits are.

So, If you’re looking to make some changes to improve the efficiency of your business – or your approach behind it all – you’re in good company.


CoSchedule Blog – 13 Marketing Mistakes, Myths, and Misconceptions to Avoid

The truth is – digital marketing is an industry that’s been with us longer than we think.

In fact, it’ll be older than many of you reading this. Bizarre, we know.

Typically, with industries that have been with us a long time, there are established techniques, knowledge, and tools that bring success.

But as Sujan Patel says, this could not be further from the truth.

Digital marketing – and everything inside it – is changing all of the time.

As the technology, algorithms, and knowledge behind digital marketing warp and change all of the time – so too does the industry.

And alas, with change comes instability. Quite a lot of it.

Marketers today are having to keep up with the latest trends and developments in technology that powers their careers.

And with this comes a lot of room for error, myth, and misconception.

Lucky for you, though, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Check out this blog to help get you ahead.


WordStream – 7 Surprisingly Effective Pop-up Advertising Strategies

If you have a grain of experience on the internet, you’ll know all about those website pop-ups.

You know the ones – those persistent pleas for you to click, convert, and climb your way out of the website.

And now, many website pop-ups even try to stir some kind of personal guilt within us. ‘No thanks, I’m better off without’, or ‘no thanks, I don’t want a FREE eBook’ are just some examples of this wicked emotional manipulation.

Ask anyone and they’ll give you a damning opinion on website pop-ups.

The simple truth is, we value time and like to stay in control. And when we’re wasting time clicking things we didn’t want or expect – well it’s a recipe for disaster, isn’t it?

Website pop-ups have a pretty depressing reputation.

If you’re considering designing any, you’re probably having second thoughts.

But there’s no need to worry. Because, at the end of the day, pop-ups work.

You just have to follow the right steps. Here’s Brad Smith’s article to help you start.

Get stuck in. You deserve it.


Business 2 Community – So, What Do People Put in a Good Email Signature?

Emails – the bane of everyone’s professional – and personal – lives.

Oh, how optimistic we once were about the potential that emails would bring to our lives. Instant communication, they said. It would be fun, they said.

And how fun they are.

In all seriousness, emails have revolutionised communications for businesses. And, as you know, email marketing has become a dominant, much-loved force.

The way you communicate to people, though, is just as important as what you’re saying.

And nowhere is this more crucial than with email signatures.

Hellos and goodbyes can sometimes be the difference between a customer and a bouncer; having a good, considered email signature, therefore, is something you need to prioritise.

It’s hard enough as it is doing your best to personalise your approach and overall demeanour online. But with a good email signature, you can leave positive impressions your customers will remember.

Check out this article by Josh Slone to change the way you do email.


Backlinko – How To Write A Press Release: The Definitive Guide (2019)

Press releases are pieces of content issued by organisations to keep everyone updated about, things.

They’re not only effective for keeping your audiences in the know about recent developments, though.

When done right, press releases are amazing marketing tools to drive traffic, improve your trust and authenticity, and get noticed on news sites.

Clearly, they’re favoured by businesses the world over.

But creating effective press releases doesn’t just require a few sentences to say what’s happening and why audiences should care.

For starters, you need newsworthy content, such as a product launch or an interesting event coming up.

And then you need to write a press release that works wonders. And that’s always easier said than done.

Which is why we’re bringing today’s article from Brian Dean to you.


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