Are you looking for ways to generate more engagement on your Facebook page? Want to encourage more likes, shares and comments on your Facebook posts?

We share 8 ways to increase Facebook page engagement in this infographic.

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8 Cunning Ways to Increase Facebook Page Engagement [Featured Image]

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Post native videos directly to Facebook
  • Optimise your videos & create video playlists
  • Go live
  • Look to Facebook insights for data you can use
  • Post exclusive content
  • Interact & engage meaningfully
  • Make the most of user-generated content
  • Use cinemagraphs

Check out the infographic for more detail.

8 Cunning Ways to Increase Facebook Page Engagement [Infographic]

One of the biggest challenges many companies face on Facebook isn’t generating new likes or increasing their follower count. It’s getting their existing fans to engage with their page on a regular basis.

While there are numerous reasons why some businesses experience low levels of engagement, there are also ways you can encourage more interaction from your fan base.

It can be difficult to increase Facebook engagement, but there are many different ways you can achieve this if you’re willing to try something new. Here are 8 cunning ways to increase Facebook page engagement.

Post native videos directly to Facebook

Because of Facebook’s auto-play feature, native videos are best for grabbing your fans’ attention on their newsfeed. Posting a video directly to Facebook will help it autoplay as your followers scroll through their feed, getting your brand in front of more eyes.

But make sure to use short captivating clips; if you don’t capture and keep viewers’ attention within ten seconds, then they likely won’t watch at all. These videos can include product demos, tutorials or even promotions.

Give customers an inside look into what goes on behind your doors! Make them feel like part of your family. Keep them coming back by offering sneak peeks and exclusive content only available via Facebook.

Optimise your videos & create video playlists

When posting video on Facebook don’t forget to include an informative title and description so users know what they’re about to watch before they hit play!

It can also be helpful to create a playlist of videos around one theme. For example, if you have multiple tips for engagement you could use your Facebook page to create a custom series named ‘Engagement Tips’.

If you have lots of how-to videos on social media, then try creating an ‘How To Videos’ playlist that includes all your best content in one place.

Go live

Consider posting live video on your Facebook page. A study by Social Media Examiner found that live videos on Facebook receive twice as many views as regular videos.

People love seeing raw, unfiltered content—and it’s a great way to show off your personality. However, you’ll want to make sure your connection is solid before you start broadcasting; otherwise, viewers might get frustrated with stuttering and buffering.

Make sure to engage with comments, ask questions of followers, or interact with others in real time so they don’t forget about your broadcast after they go back to scrolling through their newsfeeds.

Look to Facebook insights for data you can use

Facebook now offers all sorts of data for your business, and one of those is insights into your page.

You can see how many fans you have, as well as which posts resonate with them and why. This information can help you focus on certain types of content in order to increase engagement.

For example, if a number of people liked a post that contained a question or a photo captioned question mark? then you might try crafting questions or photos that elicit similar responses from your followers.

They’ll likely enjoy it—and it will get more likes!

Post exclusive content

One of best ways to engage with your audience is by posting exclusive content such as videos or photos only available on your page. Exclusive content will not only entice new followers, but also encourage old ones to keep coming back for more.

Do you have any behind-the-scenes exclusives? What about a list of upcoming events at your business? Think about what would be interesting to post and share with your followers.

Be creative! Sharing exclusive content is one of the most effective ways to engage users and increase interaction. You could even create contests or offer deals just for those who comment and like specific posts!

Interact & engage meaningfully

The most important thing you can do to increase engagement on your Facebook page is interact with your followers! This does not mean posting, but instead responding and connecting with them.

It’s good practice to respond whenever someone comments on your posts or talks about you in their own posts. Additionally, if one of your readers mentions another brand they like, it’s a good idea to ask them why they like that brand!

Ask for feedback: Another great way to increase engagement is by asking for feedback.

Make the most of user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a huge driver of engagement on social media platforms like Facebook. If you’re looking for ways to increase engagement, look no further than your community.

Encourage UGC by highlighting user posts, giving shout outs and offering rewards—this will create a more interactive social experience and drive viewers back to your page.

Incorporating UGC is also a great way to show people what users already love about your brand or product, which can boost their confidence in making that initial purchase decision too.

Use cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are a visual treat, even when you don’t see them moving. By pairing moving elements with still images, cinemagraphs maintain people’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

Using motion and movement can catch and keep someone’s eye on your page. Consider using cinemagraphs in place of traditional photos in your social media posts; in particular, they work well in feeds where there is often scrolling or moving content.

Just remember that not everyone who visits your page will be able to view it on mobile or may be looking at it on their computers, so if possible choose images that work across all platforms.