Are you looking for ways to increase traffic to your website? Want to craft blog titles your readers and followers won’t be able to resist clicking?

Boot Camp Digital share 10 types of blog post title you should try in this infographic.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Numbered list
  • How-to
  • Case study
  • Lessons learned
  • Reasons why
  • Provocative question
  • News headline
  • Direct and specific
  • Irresistible

Check out the infographic for more detail.

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10 Types of Blog Title That Drive Massive Traffic to Your Website [Infographic]

The most important part of any article or web page is the title itself.

In fact, studies have shown that the average Internet user only spends about five seconds reading an article before deciding whether to keep reading or move on to something else.

Thus, making sure your article gets its message across in a short period of time can be crucial to its success or failure.

Here are 10 of the most powerful types of blog titles you can use on your website to boost traffic and get more readers clicking on your posts.

Numbered list

Just like this post, numbered lists focus on digestible items that readers want to pick apart and understand better. By breaking these ideas down into consumable chunks, readers can quickly absorb what they need before returning to their day.

It’s also a great way for bloggers to share useful information without having to compile long strings of text for each item in their list. Not only are numbered lists easy to scan, but because there are fewer words per point, your content will be just as much shorter as it is clearer.

When you have shorter posts with specific details driving home key points, you put your work at a higher level than many other bloggers who might be focusing too much on copy length rather than readability.


The how-to title is hands down one of the most popular titles on blogs. How-to titles also perform really well in search engines.

You’ll notice that a lot of our posts are named with how-to in them somewhere. Here’s why: People like knowing how to do things and you can fit almost any topic into a how-to format without it sounding awkward or forced.

This makes it highly effective for getting people to click through and read your content. As long as it’s relevant to what you’re writing about, stick with how-to titles.

Or even better, try finding real life how I did something stories from your audience and spin off those as how-to posts too!

Case study

If you have data that can tell a story, then don’t just share that data—share that story. A case study tells how one business made something happen or overcame an obstacle with your product or service.

Case studies are interesting to read and easy for audiences to relate to. You might be able talk about how your product helped another business beat its goals by more than 30 percent, for example.

Case studies make it easier for readers to imagine what they can achieve with your help.

Provocative question

People love answering questions, whether they’re posed in a survey or through a survey. Look for opportunities to give your readers something that requires an answer, such as What does your dream home look like?

Be sure to accompany each question with a call-to-action, such as Share your answers! or Tell us why! Such CTAs help you drive more traffic and engage with your readers while simultaneously improving brand awareness.

News headline

These titles usually answer a question and include words like: new, now, breaking and scoop.

News headlines draw people in because we want to know what’s happening and we want to be informed. It doesn’t matter if you write about something current or not – as long as it can be related back to your niche, you can put news headline on your title.

Direct and specific

A direct and specific title helps people find your post when they search for it, and also lets them know what they’re going to get.

Saying something like How I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks is much more likely to grab attention than Here are 5 things that will help you lose weight!

Both can be effective, but they aim at two very different results.


You want your title to stand out from all others—and that means being attention-grabbing. Irresistible is a subjective word, but if you do a Google search, you can see what people are attracted by.

Learn from their example and give your reader an irresistible reason to click through. What aspect of your content or product will make readers come back for more? Use words like exciting or compelling if they apply.