Are you just getting started with a marketing plan for your business? Want to know what techniques you should use to generate leads and enquiries online?

J&R share 7 tactics you should try in this infographic.

Here’s what makes their list:

  • Landing pages
  • Webinar
  • Explainer videos
  • Email nurture campaigns
  • Social media competitions
  • Long-tail search queries
  • How-to guides

Check out the infographic for more detail.

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Marketing for Winners: 7 Powerful Ways to Generate Leads & Enquiries Online [Infographic]

How to use landing pages to generate leads

To generate leads and enquiries using landing pages on your website make sure you use the following landing page elements:


Your headline is probably the most important part of the page. It is the first (and biggest) text users will see when they land on the page. It needs to grab attention, and ideally be benefit-driven.


If your headline has done its job and kept your visitor on the page, they should hopefully start to read the rest of the text. Make sure it’s easy to read by using sub headers and bullets to break it up, using plenty of white space to ensure they don’t get lost on the page.


Make sure you use a compelling design, including quality imagery. Try to avoid stock images that everybody else in your industry uses. Your own custom images will work best in most instances.

Call to action

Make sure you tell your visitor what you want them to do next. Usually, you’d ask them to complete a form (see below) or click through to a contact page.

Contact form

Keep the number of required fields down to a minimum. The more fields you add, the less likely a user will be to complete it.

How to use webinars to generate leads

Webinars aren’t a tactic we have used here at Red, but it’s certainly on the list of things to try. To generate leads and enquiries using webinars follow the simple tips below:

Solve a problem

Put together a list of your customers pain points and show them how your product or service can help to solve them.


Make sure the slides you use are on brand to help reinforce your message, including your contact details throughout to make it nice and easy for participants to contact you.


Make it easy for participants to ask you questions. Whilst you may think your slides contain all the info they need; you might have missed something important which could make the difference.

How to use explainer videos to generate leads

Video is huge right now, more than a third of everything we do online involves watching video content, and that is increasing day by day. Keep these tips in mind if you decide to invest in video for your brand:

Keep it short

At the early stage of the funnel your website visitors probably won’t stick around for too long, so keep your video short and simple. Ideally it would be no longer than 60 seconds.

Repurpose and reuse

Video can be a big investment, both in terms of time and money. To get the best value, use the content you create across other channels. Share the video on social media, or slides within it as still images.

Call to action

Make sure your video has a clear call to action. Don’t leave your viewers wondering what to do next, make your desired action obvious to increase conversions.

How to use email nurture campaigns to generate leads

Email nurturing can be a great way of turning cold leads into sales prospects, especially for those with a slightly longer sales cycle. Follow the tips below for email nurture success.

Have a clear purpose

Make sure each email in your series has a clear purpose. Ask yourself what you want your potential customer to feel after reading it, ensuring you are moving them along your sales cycle.

Call to action

Make sure each email in your series contains a clear call to action. Direct your potential customer to the next stage of the process.

Use templates

Email nurture campaigns can take a long time to put together, so use templates where you can to speed the process up. Most email marketing providers will offer this as part of your package with them.

How to use social media competitions to generate leads

When I first started Red I held a free website competition on social media numerous times. Each competition generated hundreds of leads, which was like gold dust to a web designer just starting out.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your own social media competition:

Make it shareable

By asking followers to share a post you are getting your brand in front of more social media users, which will help to gain more entrants and ultimately leads.

Capture data

Make sure you gather some form of data from each entrant, ideally an email address. Just asking for a share or retweet won’t enable you to target them with offers once the competition is over.

Make it easy

Keep the competition nice and easy, something simple like sharing a post and submitting a few short details. The harder it is the less people will enter. Volume is key.

Offer a prize

What’s in it for the customer? Try to keep it relevant to what you do to ensure the leads you generate are going to be interested in what you have to offer.

How to use long-tail search queries to generate leads

Long-tail keywords contain 4 plus words and are very specific and can generate extremely targeted sales enquiries. Follow the tips below for long-tail SEO success:

Respond to search queries

Take the time to learn what your target market are searching for on Google and create content to match. If the search query is a problem your customer is trying to solve make sure your content solves that problem.

Showcase your service

If you are solving a problem, position your product or service as the solution to that problem. Show customers clearly how you can help, using call to actions where appropriate.

Build trust

Helping customers helps to build trust, making someone more likely to eventually purchase from you. Don’t be too salesy, even though you want to sell to them.

How to use how-to guides to generate leads

Further to creating website content that solves problems, downloadable how-to guides can go that one step further. Here are some tips to help with those:


Make sure your guide has an eye-catching design. You won’t build trust and generate leads if you turn customers off with poorly designed documents.

Easy to understand

Don’t assume your customers are in the know when it comes to your products and services. Write in as basic terms as you can to help everyone understand your offering.

Easy to download

If customers can’t access your guide they will give up and move on, so make it nice and easy to download.

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