How modern is your business logo? Want to check your logo is in keeping with the latest logo design trends?

We share six logo design trends to watch out for in this infographic.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Simple shapes
  • Letter merging
  • 3D gradients
  • Typography only
  • Brush stroke
  • Hand-drawn logos

Check out the infographic for more detail.

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6 Logo Design Trends for 2022: How Modern is Your Company Logo? [Infographic]

A logo can be the first thing that people notice about your company, so it’s essential to get it right. Unfortunately, just slapping some text onto an image isn’t enough anymore.

These days, it’s all about bringing creativity and professionalism to your brand, and design trends evolve every year in order to provide you with fresh ideas to try out on your next logo design project.

Take a look at these six logo design trends for 2022 and see how modern your company logo really is…

Simple shapes in logo design

Although minimalism has long been a popular design trend, simple shapes are becoming increasingly common in logo design. These logos are easy to remember and are bold enough to stand out against competitors.

Some logos that have made effective use of simple shapes include AirBnB’s bird, GoPro’s arrow, Twitter’s bird head and Whatsapp’s check mark.

If you want your logo to be memorable and distinct from others, consider using a simple shape! It will help ensure your brand is easily recognisable as being unique amongst its peers.

Letter merging in logo design

Fonts are being re-imagined as part of graphic designs, creating eye-catching images. While letter merging has been done before, it’s only now starting to become popular because of digital printing capabilities.

This trend could be applied in a variety of ways depending on your audience and what you want your logo to communicate.

For example, a floral-themed business would make a great case study for a rounded y or b, or even an abstract image that looks like overlapping petals.

3D gradients in logo design

3D gradients are a very modern way to draw attention to your brand while also being accessible to color-blind people.

What’s more, it can add depth and dimension to an otherwise flat design—which is essential, considering many logos today rely on flat design principles.

With gradient options in multiple colours, you’ll never have trouble finding one that compliments your company’s mission statement and graphic assets.

Typography only in logo design

Typography based logos have been popping up in a variety of industries, especially within tech companies. Consumers are attracted to them because they’re unique and don’t feature an image.

The minimalist look makes it easier to create a cohesive brand without having to worry about stock photography or customised imagery—it’s all about clever typography.

This approach isn’t just appealing to startups; even industry giants like Google use font-centric designs on their websites.

Brush stroke in logo design

Today’s logo design trends are moving in a different direction than what has been seen in recent years.

Traditionally, logos were designed with sleek and simple lines and minimal font usage, but it seems as though we may be seeing more brush strokes and texture incorporated into logos as we approach 2022.

These two styles may also begin to merge together, which could result in even greater variety and unique designs among future company logos.

If you haven’t already incorporated these techniques into your logo design process, now would be a good time to start brainstorming!

Hand-drawn logos in logo design

The timeless appeal of a hand-drawn logo designed with a pen and pencil never fades, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try out new styles.

More and more companies are opting to go with a simple, hand-drawn logo design—and whether your brand is modern or traditional, it will be right at home in nearly any setting.