Are you looking for ways to improve your Instagram marketing strategy? Want to create better Stories that maximise engagement with your audience?

Instagram share their tips for success in this infographic.

Instagram Stories: 8 Tips to Maximise Engagement With Your Audience [Featured Image]

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Be authentic
  • Tell your story
  • Utilise the full screen
  • Create tutorials
  • Share testimonials
  • Add text
  • Use interactive stickers
  • Experiment with tools

Check out the infographic for more detail.

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Instagram Stories: 8 Tips to Maximise Engagement With Your Audience [Infographic]

Have you started using Instagram Stories yet? If not, it’s time to start!

Not only does this feature give you more creative freedom with your posts, but it also allows you to interact and build stronger relationships with your followers – here are 8 tips on how to maximise engagement with your audience.

Be authentic

Just like any social media platform, Instagram is as much about what you post as it is how you post. It’s important that your posts are honest and authentic so people feel they can relate to you and your business.

This way, they’ll be more likely to follow your posts and interact with your business—which will result in more sales and new customers for you! Uploading photos of yourself interacting with your product is an excellent example of authenticity.

If someone sees a photo of you using or enjoying a product, they’re more likely to think If he/she likes that product, I probably will too.

Tell your story

People love hearing other people’s stories. Tell them a bit about yourself and create a story around your Instagram account by posting images from real life, allowing people to see what inspires you, or showing how your business operates behind-the-scenes.

This will help humanise your brand and give viewers something relatable they can connect with. To do so effectively, it’s best to have a consistent theme that ties all of your stories together in one Instagram Story series.

Utilise the full screen

One of Instagram’s most underused features is its ability to show off your photos in their entirety, rather than cut down into a square.

Not only does it give you more room for creative flair, but it also helps you show your followers all that hard work that went into capturing that great shot.

This means more likes and comments! So make sure you remember to take advantage of full-screen capability whenever possible.

Create tutorials

Taking things a step further, you can create walkthrough or how-to videos on specific topics. For example, if you own a fitness company, one of your tutorials could show users how to perform certain exercises correctly.

Or, if you sell products online, give some helpful tips on how to style certain items. This way, viewers will feel more connected with your brand and trust that they’re buying quality products/services from an expert source.

It also allows you to build credibility for yourself as an influencer in that field—as it shows you are knowledgeable about your topic and have invested time into creating content around it!

This is great when trying to gain attention on social media channels.

Share testimonials

It’s been shown that word-of-mouth recommendations on social media can convert up to 10 times more effectively than traditional marketing, so encouraging your audience to share their stories is a smart way of keeping them engaged.

Make sure your brand makes it easy for customers to share their feedback. Creating a testimonial section on your website and encouraging people via email newsletters and social media is a good place to start.

In order to make these as effective as possible, be sure to feature some examples from customers who have had a really great experience with you.

This will encourage other potential clients to tell their own success stories—and help you keep on top of your reputation management activities too!

Add text to your stories

This is a great tool for visual stories, using text as opposed to just images. This also helps give your post some personality and makes it feel more personable.

Don’t be afraid to play around with fonts and colours! Just keep in mind that if you go overboard you could come across as unprofessional or too spammy so keep things simple and don’t try to oversell any one thing!

Make sure your font style and color scheme matches up with what you currently have on your profile so that it still fits in.

Use interactive stickers

There are plenty of fun interactive stickers available in Instagram stories, which you can use to engage with your audience. Let users tap on a sticker to open a link in Safari, like your website or download an app.

If you make it easy for them to access your content, they’ll be more likely to engage with it!

You can also add location-based stickers that will update with information about where you are posting from so users know if they need to tune in live.

Experiment with tools

It can be tough to get started with Instagram Stories. The best way is trial and error—test, track, repeat. Experiment with different creative tools like Boomerang to see what gets engagement going.

And remember that it’s not necessarily about you getting your point across; Stories are an opportunity for followers to take a look into your world. Don’t underestimate how much value that adds to their experience.