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September, 2014

12 of the Most Misused Words Guaranteed to Ruin Your Marketing Strategy

By |Marketing|

So you’ve spent ages crafting that email quotation and scheduling those social media updates, you’ve thrown in some fancy words to make your business look cool, but unbeknown to you you’ve used a word in the wrong way and your marketing strategy has failed miserably. To keep your written content in check take a look at this infographic from ListMonde which shows you the 12 most misused English words and what you should be saying instead. […]

12 Steps to Massively Increase Your Number of Blog Email Subscribers

By |Content marketing|

If you want to build a sustainable blog readership email subscribers should be the one metric you look to improve. Whilst social media can be great source of referral traffic social networks can change their platform at any time, you’ll always be in control your email subscribers. For ways to massively increase your number of email subscribers take a look at this infographic created by Backlinko for HubSpot. […]

10 Reasons Why Social Media MUST be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

By |Social media|

Most of you will find this hard to believe but we still hear lots of customers say that social media isn’t for them. Well we say that’s a load of rubbish! (politely, of course). If you or anyone you know still needs convincing about the benefits of social media marketing take a look at this infographic from CJG Digital Marketing which gives you 10 reasons it’s good for business. […]

Create Perfect Social Media Profiles With This Image Size Cheat Sheet

By |Social media|

With social media becoming more and more visual it’s imperative you are using images as part of your social media marketing strategy. Whether it’s a profile, cover or post image you need to ensure it’s the correct size and shape for the platform you’re working with. To ensure your images are optimised correctly follow this image size cheat sheet brought to you by Omnicore. […]

10 Fantastic Tips for Using Tumblr to Market Your Business

By |Social media|

Have you heard of Tumblr? It’s a platform that combines the blogging power of WordPress with the social features of sites like Facebook and Pinterest. When used correctly it can be a real asset to your overall social media and content marketing strategy. If you’d like to add it to your marketing arsenal take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout for 10 top tips to follow. […]

The Best and Worst Times and Days to Post Your Social Media Updates

By |Social media|

If your time and social content is limited you probably won’t be able to post to your social media accounts all day every day, instead you’ll need to post at strategic times to ensure the most people see your stuff and engage with you. There are lots of these kind of guides doing the rounds and in the most part they are industry dependent but here’s one from Social Marketing Writing with a basic guide to the days and times you should and shouldn’t post. […]