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August, 2014

9 Steps to Create Perfect Landing Pages that Generate Massive Results

By |Web design|

More often than not landing pages can hold the key to the success of a website. Whether that’s your home page, or keyword specific SEO landing pages, they are what the customer sees first when they visit your site and are instrumental in convincing them to use your service. To create landing pages that convert the most amount of customers as possible follow the 9 steps shown in this infographic from QuickSprout. […]

10 Tips to Create SEO Content Your Website Visitors Will Love

By |SEO|

How would you rate the SEO content on your website? Does it help your visitors or is it just a load of paragraphs stuffed with keywords? Google doesn’t want rank keyword rich text anymore, their little search engine spiders have become more intelligent and now rank pages based on how helpful they are to a reader instead. To make your SEO content more helpful for your visitors follow these 10 tips from BT. […]

30 Expert Tips to Build a Personal Brand That Will Kick Your Competitors Ass

By |Marketing|

Do you trade as yourself rather than as a company? Are you looking to build your personal brand rather than an organisations? Whilst there are many similarities between marketing yourself and a company there are also many things that should be approached differently. For help building your personal brand take a look at this infographic from Referral Candy which gives you 30 tips direct from the experts. […]

6 Steps to Create a Killer Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Business

By |Social media|

If you’re just getting started with social media marketing it can be quite a daunting process. It’s difficult to know which networks are right for you and what should you should be posting and how you’re going to fit it all in to your busy schedule. If you need some guidance follow the 6 steps detailed in this infographic from Merchant Money. It also gives you some bonus info which should help you chose the most effective platforms for your business. […]

10 Awesome Tactics to Attract More Customers to Your Online Shop

By |Ecommerce, Marketing|

So you’ve created an eCommerce masterpiece, uploaded all your products to your shop and now you’re just waiting for the cash to roll in? There’s more to owning a successful online shop than just creating your site! Without targeted traffic turning into sales your site will simply fail. If you need to generate more traffic to your eCommerce website follow the 10 awesome tips highlighted in this infographic from Referral Candy. […]

18 Tips to Get Your Google Plus Page Listed Higher in the Local Map Results

By |SEO|

If Google reckons a product or service is something we’d search for locally they will serve us local based results even if we haven’t asked for it. Typically you’d see the paid results first and then a load of listings with pin points on a map. Those are listings we’re talking about in this post. If you want to get your business listed higher up within the Maps area of a local search take a look at this infographic from OptiLocal which gives you 18 tips to optimise your listing. […]

How to Get 94% More Retweets Using Images on Twitter

By |Social media|

As we should all know by now images generate more retweets on Twitter. Not all images are created equal though, some are uploaded directly via Twitter, and others are posted from other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The infographic below from HubSpot shows statistical evidence that images uploaded directly from Twitter generate 94% more retweets whilst images from other platforms reduce the likelihood of a retweet. […]

How to Use Cartoons to Create a Killer Internet Marketing Strategy

By |Content marketing|

It’s a fact, us human beings don’t like being sold to! It’s in our nature to shut down all defences when we feel a salesman is in our midst. Instead of selling why not get your marketing message across using a story and make it look good using cartoons? We like stories and cartoons don’t forget – and have done since we were babies. Take a look at this infographic from Who Is Hosting This for a complete guide to using cartoons as part of your marketing strategy. […]

14 Ways You Are Absolutely Sucking at Twitter

By |Social media|

When used correctly Twitter can be a great place to market your business. For us it has been instrumental in the growth of our blog, for others it’s just a quick and easy place to engage with other likeminded businesses. There are many pitfalls though, all of which are avoidable. Take a look at this infographic from Boot Camp Digital which gives you 14 ways you are sucking at Twitter. […]