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March, 2014

Don’t Drink and Tweet: How Alcohol Affects Your Social Media Usage

March 12th, 2014|Social media|

The wonder of modern technology means you have access to your social media accounts day and night. This is a good thing for most of us, it means we can stay connected with our audience at all times. There is a downside though. How many of you have accessed your accounts whilst drunk and done something stupid? The infographic below from Addvocate shows you just how alcohol can affect your social media usage. […]

14 Steps to Create a Kick Ass Google Plus Business Page

March 11th, 2014|Social media|

So the Google Gods have given you a free and easy way to market your business and you’re still not using it? If you haven’t got involved with Google Plus yet stop procrastinating and do it today. The infographic below from Twelve Skip gives you 14 steps to help create your Google Plus business page. […]

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Strategy in Just 5 Minutes Per Day

March 11th, 2014|Social media|

You might be a LinkedIn beginner and just about managed to setup your profile, or you might be a hardened LinkedIn professional who uses nothing else. No matter what level you are at with your LinkedIn marketing strategy there is always room for improvement. The infographic below from Blue Wire Media gives you some easy ways to improve your LinkedIn strategy in just 5 minutes per day depending on what level you are at: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. […]

3 Steps to Making Your Content Go Viral

March 11th, 2014|Marketing|

So you’ve been working hard to create and / or curate content, now you just want to be shown some viral marketing love? Just once will do right? What better way to know you’re doing a great job than having something shared thousands of times? The infographic below from the Infographic Design Team gives you everything you need to know about making your content go viral including a 3 step process to help you do so. […]

3 Ways to Take Your Facebook Page to the Next Level

March 10th, 2014|Social media|

By now, you should all know that posting photos to your Facebook page gets you more likes and that asking a question is a good way to generate comments. But that can only take you so far. The infographic below from Pagemodo gives you 3 Facebook page features that will take your page to the next level: Deals, Contests and Events. […]

7 Shameless Marketing Tactics That Guarantee More Social Shares

March 10th, 2014|Social media|

If your current social media marketing strategy is failing you may be looking for some ways to ramp up your likes, comments and retweets. You may look at some of your competitors and cringe at what they are doing but guess what, those cute fluffy animals do work and sex really does sell! The infographic below from HubSpot gives you 7 of the most shameless tactics that you’ll see online today. You’ll probably notice we use numbers 4 and 5 on this blog a lot. […]

10 Things You Should Immediately Stop Doing on LinkedIn

March 10th, 2014|Social media|

When used correctly LinkedIn can be a goldmine of qualified leads. But as it becomes more widely adopted, the more mistakes we are beginning to see. The infographic below from Top Dog Social Media gives you 10 things you shouldn’t do on LinkedIn and 10 things you should be doing. Get any of these wrong and you’ll lose connections and may get reported for spam which can lead to a block on new connection requests and sending messages. […]

18 Really Easy Tips for Creating Tasty Facebook Posts

March 7th, 2014|Social media|

If, like a lot of Facebook page owners, your posts are being seen by less that 10% of your fans you may be looking for ways to create tastier posts that people are going to want to like and share more. The infographic below from Post Rocket gives you 18 really easy tips to help you do just that. I particularly like tip number 9 – It gives you 9 types of post to try. WARNING: Looking at this infographic will make you want to go to your local shop immediately and buy something sweet. DO NOT continue if you are on a diet. […]

How to Rule Social Media Marketing in 60 Minutes a Day

March 7th, 2014|Social media|

You may already be gasping in horror about having to dedicate 60 minutes of your busy day to your social media marketing strategy, but without it you might as well not bother at all! Social media marketing requires time and effort, but you need to make sure you are spending that time wisely – you all have businesses to run too. The infographic below from Dendrite Park gives you an example of how to break up your 60 minute allowance – you’ll notice content curation and blog writing are top using up a massive 50% of your total time. The lesson is simple, give your followers content they will want to read and share. […]