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May, 2014

The 3 Golden Rules of Writing Successful Blog Posts

By |Content marketing|

How successful is your blog? Are lots of people reading your posts and sharing them on social media sites? If it feels like you are wasting your time don’t automatically assume that blogging isn’t right for you, take a look at your posts and see how you can improve them. The infographic below from Skyword gives you 3 characteristics each of your blog posts should have. Your posts should be easy to find (Searchable), easy to read (Snackable) and worthy of being shared (Shareable). […]

8 Awful Mistakes You Probably Made if You Designed Your Own Website

By |Web design|

With the advent of website builders that allow you to design a website without writing any code there has been a large increase in the number of people who have attempted to do it themselves. That’s great if you do a good job, you’ve saved yourself some money after all. But if you screw it up you could be doing more harm than good. The infographic below from MyCase gives you 8 common mistakes people make when they build their own site. […]

Who to Follow and Who to Avoid on Social Media

By |Social media|

We get asked this a lot here at RWD. Who should you follow and connect with on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? There is a good argument to suggest you should just connect with everyone in an attempt to grow your business but that strategy could introduce you to some rather unpleasant and extremely annoying people. The infographic below from Top Dog Social Media shows you 10 types of social media user, which do you want to connect with? […]

3 Reasons Why You Must Start Blogging Immediately

By |Content marketing|

Are you putting off setting up a business blog? Perhaps you don’t think it’s worth it or maybe you’re just unsure of what you should be writing about? No matter the reason, by not blogging you are allowing your competitors to move ahead of you. As shown in the infographic below blogging allows them to generate more web traffic, gain new customers and build their business. Can you afford to give your competitors the upper hand? […]

SEO for Beginners: What it Is, Why it Matters & How it Works

By |SEO|

We harp on about SEO (search engine optimisation) a lot here, it’s been an integral part of the growth of our business from a one man band in the spare bedroom to an actual company with an office and employees. But what is it and how does it work? Take a look at the infographic below from Rise Interactive. It defines what SEO is, shows you why you should care about it and explains how it all works. […]

10 Reasons Your Followers Don’t Share Your Social Media Updates and Blog Posts

By |Content marketing, Social media|

For social media and blogging success it’s imperative our followers share our posts with the people they are connected to. More shares means more visitors and more potential customers and if it’s a blog post it could also mean more juicy back links which leads to a higher ranking on Google. But what makes people share social media updates and blog posts? The infographic below from ProBlogger gives you 10 reasons, does your content tick any of those boxes? […]

5 Ways Google Plus Can Help Grow Your Business

By |Social media|

For those who don’t know Google Plus is Google’s very own social media network. In many ways it’s a cross between Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and when used effectively can be a great platform to grow your business as shown in the infographic below from Boot Camp Digital. The first point highlights what we feel should be the most important reason for using the network and that’s to get your website listed higher on Google’s search engine. Plus one’s (+1’s) are Google’s version of a Twitter favourite or Facebook like and are considered to be a major ranking factor. […]

April, 2014

7 Quick Twitter Tips to Build More Followers

By |Social media|

Whether you’ve recently joined Twitter or you just want to start making the most of the network, the first thing on your mind will be to build more followers. More targeted followers means more engagement and more potential web traffic which ultimately leads to better business results. So how do you get more followers? You could just go and buy a shed load of fake one from the spammers that are trying their best to take over Twitter, or you could follow the 7 quick and easy tips detailed in the infographic below from Sweb Development. […]

13 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

By |Social media|

How successful is your social media marketing strategy? Are you building a relevant follower base and generating lots of retweets, likes and web traffic, or are people just ignoring you and engaging with your competitors instead? If you feel there’s room for improvement take a look at the infographic below from Web Strategy Plus which gives you 13 do’s and don’ts to apply to your daily efforts. […]

4 Techniques New Website Owners Should Use to Generate Web Traffic

By |Marketing, SEO, Social media|

So you’ve just got yourself a brand spanking new website, you’ve spent weeks crafting your text and images and you’ve just “gone live”. For any new business owner it’s a monumental occasion and one you can’t wait to share with the world. The hard work doesn’t stop there though I’m afraid! Despite a lot of customers preconceptions you don’t just magically land on the first page of Google and visitors don’t suddenly start appearing on your site. Use the first 4 techniques listed on the infographic below from Slickdot to start building traffic. Ignore the fifth, that’s just a load of rubbish! Just replace it with running a blog. […]