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April, 2014

19 Ways to Manipulate Your Google Ranking Using Black Hat SEO

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Are you looking for a quick SEO fix and to rise above your competitors using whatever means necessary? If so, take a look at the infographic below from Animhut which gives you 19 ways to game the system. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while we would hope you answered no to that question. Using any of these tactics could land you a Google penalty and removal from their search index altogether. Who wants that? […]

The Best Times to Post Your Social Media Updates

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If you’re like most business owners you probably post to your social media accounts when you have the time to do so? That could be in the morning before you set out to work, a quick post at lunch or maybe when you get back home? But is that when your target audience are online? Could you be posting at different times and achieve more success? The infographic below from RadiumOne gives you the best times to share on each social media network along with the best times to post depending on your users device. […]

5 Things You Must Do Before Publishing Your Blog Posts

By |Content marketing|

So you’ve written a masterpiece and you cant wait for the world to see it? This one is definitely going viral right? We read lots of blogs where the content is great but the authors have been so keen to get their post live that they’ve forgotten some really important stuff. Managing a successful blog is more than just creating awesome content. The infographic below from Sushi Digital gives you 5 things you should be doing before you publish your blog posts. […]

4 Reasons Why Twitter is The Best Social Network for Marketing Your Business

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It’s official! Twitter is the most valuable social media network for businesses! We’ve known this for a while now and that’s why we concentrate our a large proportion of our social media efforts on building a massive network of followers. CMO have ranked each social media network according to their performance against 4 key metrics: 1) SEO Value, 2) Brand Awareness, 3) Customer Communication and 4) Traffic Generation and Twitter is the only network that scores “Good” for all four. They’ve detailed their results in the infographic below. […]

SEO is Dead! Here’s What You Should be Doing Now

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We’ve been harping on for a while now that content marketing is the new SEO. CopyBlogger have taken this theory that one step further and claim that SEO is officially dead and has been replaced by the term OC / DC which stands for Optimising Content for Discovery and Conversion. Their infographic below takes you through the steps they believe have replaced the traditional SEO methods of keywords and link building. Whilst we agree with the principal, we won’t stop using the term SEO just yet. […]

10 Really Easy Tips to Double Your Google Plus +1’s in Just a Month

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If you’ve been giving Google Plus a go you’ll know that +1’s are to the social network what Retweets and Likes are to Twitter and Facebook. They are the ultimate recognition that what you’ve posted is worthy of praise. There is also evidence to suggest that the more +1’s a URL has, the higher that URL appears in search rankings. So how do you get more of these +1’s? Take a look at the infographic below from Boot Camp Digital. The 10 tips they offer are basic, but if you’re just getting started with Google Plus that should be just what you need. […]

6 Ways to Improve Your SEO and Boost Your Google Ranking for FREE

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We always say that SEO done the right way isn’t quick and isn’t cheap. This still holds true, but there are ways you can make small improvements to your site without spending a penny as long as your website allows you to make changes via a content management system (CMS). The infographic below from WeddingWire shows you the 6 on site changes you can make. It’s all about making sure Google knows what each page is about using keyword placement. Don’t overcook it and keyword stuff though, Google really hates that. […]

7 Steps to a Viral Marketing Campaign

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Going viral is any small business owner or marketers dream. The impact of having something you created spread like wildfire across the world wide web can be immense and long lasting (We’re not talking from experience unfortunately). There isn’t a magic formula for going viral though (otherwise we would all be doing it), but there are certain common factors to any viral marketing campaign you can use to increase your chances. KISSmetrics have summed up 7 of these factors in the infographic below. […]

15 Steps for a Successful Facebook Contest

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We’re just about to reach the lofty heights of 1,000 fans on Facebook (Woohoo!). We’ve been looking at ways to celebrate this monumental occasion and a contest is one of the options. But how do you get started and, more importantly, make it successful? The infographic below from ShortStack (who provide Facebook contests and other cool stuff) gives you a 15 step checklist to follow. Check out their site too, you’ll find loads of cool ways to ramp up your page. […]

10 Things You Should Immediately Stop Doing on Twitter

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We love Twitter! It’s the perfect platform for us to deliver our “to the point” blog content to our target market (small businesses on a budget). We see many other businesses not using Twitter to its full effect, some see it as a platform to spam (which everyone hates), others just like to get involved in pointless arguments. If you want to make the most of the social network follow the 10 commandments listed in the infographic below from Oscar Del Santo. It’s quite hard to read so make sure you click to enlarge. […]