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March, 2014

You Will Fail at Social Media Marketing if You Don’t Follow This One Rule

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The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80 – 20 rule, isn’t a new idea. People have been applying it to business for donkeys years. But how do we apply that to your social media marketing strategy? As the infographic below from Piktochart shows, 80% of your posts should serve your followers (helpful internet marketing tips for example) and only 20% should be self promotional. […]

16 Tips for Creating Compelling Content Your Followers Will Want to Share

By |Content marketing|

As Google starts clamping down on Guest Blogging as an SEO technique the message is louder and clearer than ever. If you want to increase your ranking on Google you need to EARN links by creating content that people will naturally want to share. If you’re not sure how to start doing this take a look at the infographic below from WebSearch SEO which gives you 16 tips to help you along the way. […]

3 Reasons Why Hashtags are Essential for Twitter Success

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For the newbies amongst you a hashtag or # is used to label keywords or topics within a tweet. Users can click on a hashtag and it will display every tweet using that hashtag. So why is this crucial to your Twitter success? Take a look at the infographic below from Social Caffeine. It gives you 3 reasons why you should be using hashtags and some statistics about how they can improve the effect of your tweets. Need a list of hashtags to use in your tweets? Take a look at this article – A Complete List of UK Twitter Hashtags to Help Market your Business […]

How Your Social Media Addiction is Ruining Your Business

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How often do you check Twitter so see how many retweets you got? What about Facebook, how many likes did that cute picture get? Most of us suffer from some sort of social media addiction and it’s important to keep it in check and not allow it to drag your business down. The infographic below from Marketo gives you 10 tell tale signs of social media addiction and how it could be affecting you and your business. […]

How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Logo and Website

By |Logo design, Web design|

Most people have a clear idea of the colour scheme they want to use for their logo and website when they start a new business. Red has always been my favourite colour, so choosing our colour scheme (and company name) was a fairly painless task. We do often speak to people who aren’t sure what colour they should be using though, hopefully this guide will help you. Infographic brought to you by DesignMantic. […]

6 Awesome Ways to Make Your Followers Crazy About You

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When Apple launches a new iPhone a bunch of crazy people start queuing up outside Apple shops days before its release. They can’t bear the thought that someone could get their hands on the latest product before them. Imagine if you had an army of fans and followers willing to do the same for your products or services. The infographic below from Get Satisfaction gives you 6 ways to attract a fanatical brand following. […]

3 Easy Ways to Massively Increase Blog Traffic

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So you’ve setup a blog, forced yourself to write (even though you think you can’t) and now you’re just waiting for your visitors to start rolling in? When you start out it may seem like nobody is listening, but it takes time to build a solid readership base. Our blog had less than 2,000 page views per month during our first 6 months, now we average over 50,000. Things can change, quickly! The infographic below from Blog Growth gives you 3 easy ways to increase your blog traffic. […]