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February, 2014

The Secrets to Writing a Killer Blog Post… Even if You Can’t Write

By |Content marketing|

As you’ve no doubt read a number of times both on this blog and across the web businesses that have a blog generate more web traffic and ultimately more sales leads. But how do you ensure your blog posts are enough to keep your readers interested and coming back for more? The infographic below from Who Is Hosting This gives you some secrets to writing a killer blog post even if you think you can’t write. […]

One Major Website Issue That Could be Costing You Money

By |SEO|

How fast is your website? Did you know that having a slow website could negatively affect your position in Google search? The infographic below from Quicksprout shows you just how your page load time affects your Google rankings. When Google ranks slow sites people use Google less so If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load you need to be taking a look at the info below and figuring out ways to make your site faster. […]

12 Steps to Create the Perfectly Optimised Webpage

By |SEO|

We all want to get to the top of Google – its pretty obvious that the higher you are the more traffic you’ll receive and more leads and sales you’ll generate. But how exactly do you achieve this? The infographic below from Backlinko gives you 12 ways to optimise your webpages and fire yourself up the Google search engine rankings. […]

3 Google Updates that Determine the Success of Your Website

By |SEO|

Google has released 3 major updates in the past few years: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Sounds like they’re running a zoo over there doesn’t it? Well that’s the theme of this handy infographic from Prestige Marketing. It gives you a brief overview of what each update is for and how it can affect the placing of your website in Google search. […]

4 Easy Tips to Get Started on LinkedIn

By |Social media|

So you’ve setup a LinkedIn profile… Now what? A lot of the clients I speak to are in this boat. They’ve setup their profile, had a quick look round and decided they didn’t get it and just left it at that. Well here’s a handy infographic from Top Dog Social Media which will help you take your LinkedIn profile to the next level. […]

25 Awesome Tools to Help You Create and Share Content Your Followers Will Love

By |Social media|

Content Marketing is the new SEO! Google wants you to earn links rather than building them unnaturally and the way they advise to do that is to create content that people will naturally want to share and link to. The guys over at Social Media Strategies Summit have put together the awesome infographic below which gives you 25 Content Marketing Tools for curation, creation, promotion & distribution, as well as analytics & tracking, including brands that use those them. […]

How to Build 100,000 Twitter Followers

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If you follow us on Twitter you’ll know that we have just reached the lofty heights of 100,000 followers. It’s been an epic and tiring journey of 5:30am starts for over 2 years. As a small token of our appreciation to our followers, and to answer the question we get asked the most, we have decided to share the secrets of our success. If you came here looking for a quick fix don’t bother reading on, just go and buy some followers instead. […]

Generate 97% More Leads With This One Trick

By |SEO|

Did you know companies with blogs generate 97% more leads? Well according to QuickSprout they do. It’s one of the key messages from the infographic below which highlights how a content marketing strategy can improve your SEO and help more customers find you. Other key points include websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages making it more likely for them to appear in Google searches and content rich sites generate 97% more inbound links. Take a look at the infographic for more stats: […]

Extrovert or Obnoxious: What Type of Facebook Page Are You?

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What does your Facebook page say about you? Wishpond have taken a look at some of the most recent statistics from Facebook Pages showing how customer response time, time invested, post style and other characteristics reflect on your business’ Facebook personality. Take a look at their infographic below and see which of the 5 most common types of Facebook pages applies to you. […]