July, 2014

31 Amazing Blogging Tips Guaranteed to Grab Your Readers Attention

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One of the key factors of a successful blog is being able to grab a reader’s attention and then keep it so that they read as much of your content as possible. The more they read and enjoy, the more they will feel compelled to share it. The infographic below from Who Is Hosting This gives you 31 really useful tips on how to grab your readers’ attention with your blog title and how to keep them interested in what you have to say. […]

10 Steps to Use Video to Improve the Customer Experience and SEO of Your Website

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Do you have a video on your website? Including a video on your website is a great way to engage with your visitors and keep them on your site longer. A well optimised video can also help to improve your SEO. The infographic below from Bixa Media gives you a 10 step process to utilise video so that you can improve your customer experience and increase your ranking on Google. […]

5 Steps to Use Content Marketing and Social Media to Improve Your SEO

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Are you looking to improve your websites ranking on Google? Do you want to do it in a sustainable way free of the worry of an impending Google penalty? When ranking a website Google takes into account the number of times other websites link to yours (backlinks) and the number of times your website is shared via social media. There are two ways of generating links and social shares; you can build them unnaturally or earn them by creating content and sharing it via social media. Google doesn’t like website owners doing it the unnatural way. If they catch you doing it excessively you could end up with a penalty which could see your rankings drop or your site removed from the results altogether. Google loves sites doing it the natural way as shown in the infographic below from Adept which gives you a 5 stage process of using content marketing and social media to improve your SEO. […]

June, 2014

The SEO Technique You Must Use if You Want to Increase Your Ranking on Google

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Do you own a website and want to rank higher on Google for your desired keywords? The process of improving your websites’ ranking in the natural listings on Google is called SEO. There are a number of SEO techniques you will read about but there is one that trumps the lot and that is creating content that people will naturally want to share and link to. It’s the hardest technique to do well so you may find that most SEO companies will play down its importance or ignore it altogether. If that’s your SEO company you should perhaps find another. The infographic below from Brafton shows you the importance of content for SEO. […]

10 Common Writing Mistakes that are Destroying Your Website

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Potential customers visit your website every day (you hope). They want to find out more about you and the products or services you have to offer. Your written content (and the general look and feel of the site) enables them to form an opinion of you as a business. Make a mistake and you could lose them to a competitor. The infographic below from Grammar Check gives you 10 common writing mistakes that are ruining the effect of your website. […]

6 Secret Elements to Create Blog Content that Goes Viral

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If you are running a blog as part of your content marketing strategy one of your main goals should be to create posts that go viral. That means they are linked to and shared on social media thousands of times. Those juicy links and social shares can have a dramatic effect on the overall SEO of your website resulting in lots of new enquiries for your products and services. It will also introduce your blog content to a load of new readers helping your blog to grow. But how do you go viral? The infographic below from Gryffin gives you 6 basic elements you need to create compelling content that people will want to share. […]

54 Awesome Marketing Tools Every Website Owner Should Know About

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Do you own a website and want to improve your marketing? There are tons of tools and apps out there that can help you but knowing which app does what can be a bit of a minefield. The infographic below gives you 54 awesome tools you can use to beef up your marketing efforts and breaks them into handy little sections depending on what they can be used for. […]