19 Reasons Shoppers Abandon Their Purchase and How to Fix Them

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If you own an eCommerce website one of your biggest issues will be visitors leaving without buying from you. Cart abandonment is thought to cost the average online shop 32% of the average monthly income. If you want to reduce that figure take a look at this infographic below from QuickSprout which shows you what makes people leave your site without buying from you and what you can do to reduce it. […]

6 Tips to Create Amazing eCommerce Product Visuals that Wow Your Customers

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So you’ve got yourself an online shop, you’ve invested time and money marketing the site and driving targeted traffic, but you just aren’t selling anything? There are a number of factors that could be stopping people buying from you, one of which could be the way in which you present your products. Are your product images doing you and the product justice? For tips on how to wow your customers visually and start generating sales take a look at this infographic from MineWhat. […]

10 Awesome Tactics to Attract More Customers to Your Online Shop

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So you’ve created an eCommerce masterpiece, uploaded all your products to your shop and now you’re just waiting for the cash to roll in? There’s more to owning a successful online shop than just creating your site! Without targeted traffic turning into sales your site will simply fail. If you need to generate more traffic to your eCommerce website follow the 10 awesome tips highlighted in this infographic from Referral Candy. […]

10 Reasons People Abandon Your eCommerce Website Without Buying From You

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Do you own an eCommerce website? Are you getting lots of visitors but hardly any sales? This is one of the most common issues potential clients ask us about and it’s often relatively easy to answer. The infographic below from CWCS gives you 10 reasons why people abandon an eCommerce site without making a purchase. It also gives you 5 factors that lead to customers spending more. […]