June, 2015

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

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Are you new to business and want to get started with online marketing? Not sure which tactics are best for you? If you don’t know your search engine optimisation from your conversion rate optimisation then a crash course in online marketing is in need. To help you get started the guys at Wrike have put together the infographic below. There’s 25+ techniques there, fill your boots! […]

Want to Learn Online Marketing? Here’s 50 Terms You Need to Know

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Are you just getting started in the world of online marketing? Are you reading terminology you’re not familiar with and need a helping hand? Getting to grips with the words and phrases used in a marketing environment is essential to your learning process. Take the time to understand the lingo before delving in to advanced blog posts or you could find you get confused and give up altogether. For some guidance take a look at this infographic from Wrike. […]

6 Marketing Trends That Are Rocking 2015: Are You Taking Advantage?

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How is 2015 shaping up for your business? Is your marketing strategy generating the results you had hoped for? If you’re not keeping up with trends and doing the same old thing just like everybody else the chances are you’re not standing out. And if you’re not standing out you can be sure your strategy isn’t generating the level of business it should be. To keep up with the trends that are hot right now take a look at this infographic from Wrike. […]

May, 2015

The Ultimate Adobe Creative Cloud Cheat Sheet for DIY Designers

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Do you do all your web design work yourself? Are you using Adobe software like Photoshop or Illustrator? Adobe Creative Cloud provides a huge range of tools which anybody can teach themselves to use, including you, if you have the time. So that means better graphics for your website, better infographics for your blog and better social media images – all at no cost. For a list of shortcuts for the most popular Creative Cloud products take a look at this infographic from Set up a Blog Today. […]

Influencer Marketing: What it is & 9 Ways it Can Improve Your Business

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Have you heard of Influencer Marketing? Would you like to know how you can use it to build your business? An influencer is usually someone with a large social media community who holds a large amount of influence over their followers – so is in an ideal position to recommend and review products and services. For more info on influencer marketing and how it can improve your business take a look at this infographic from The Shelf. […]

How to Encourage Your Customers to Recommend You to Their Friends

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Are you harnessing the power of word of mouth marketing? Looking for ways to get your customers talking about your brand? When it comes to marketing consumers trust personal recommendations more than anything else. A correctly implemented word of mouth marketing strategy can provide your business with a new source of high quality leads. For some guidance on getting more of your customers and followers promoting your business for you take a look at this infographic from Salesforce. […]

44 Dos and Don’ts to Succeed at Social Media Marketing

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Are you using social media sites as a marketing platform for your business? Looking for ways to improve your strategy on sites like Twitter and Facebook? Social media can be a great place to drive traffic to your site, increase brand exposure and drive customer engagement. Not every network is created equal though, some are better than others for certain things so take the time to understand the platform and adjust your strategy accordingly. For some guidance take a look at the dos and don’ts in this infographic from Magic Logix. […]

Business Branding: 6 Pitfalls to Avoid Creating a Crappy Brand

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Are you in the process of creating a new brand for your business? Want to know some of the common pitfalls you should avoid? Creating a brand that stands out from the crowd for the right reasons isn’t an easy task, and despite your best efforts you may find you end up with something that does more harm than good. Take the time to understand the common pitfalls and take note of others success. For some guidance take a look at this infographic from David Brier. […]