May, 2014

8 Marketing Mistakes that are Hurting Your Business

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What effect are your marketing efforts having on your business? It’s fairly obvious that not doing any marketing at all could hurt your business but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that any marketing will do, some things can do more harm than good. The infographic below from Creatage gives you 8 ways your marketing efforts (or lack of them) could be hurting your business. […]

April, 2014

4 Techniques New Website Owners Should Use to Generate Web Traffic

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So you’ve just got yourself a brand spanking new website, you’ve spent weeks crafting your text and images and you’ve just “gone live”. For any new business owner it’s a monumental occasion and one you can’t wait to share with the world. The hard work doesn’t stop there though I’m afraid! Despite a lot of customers preconceptions you don’t just magically land on the first page of Google and visitors don’t suddenly start appearing on your site. Use the first 4 techniques listed on the infographic below from Slickdot to start building traffic. Ignore the fifth, that’s just a load of rubbish! Just replace it with running a blog. […]

7 Steps to a Viral Marketing Campaign

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Going viral is any small business owner or marketers dream. The impact of having something you created spread like wildfire across the world wide web can be immense and long lasting (We’re not talking from experience unfortunately). There isn’t a magic formula for going viral though (otherwise we would all be doing it), but there are certain common factors to any viral marketing campaign you can use to increase your chances. KISSmetrics have summed up 7 of these factors in the infographic below. […]

The Colours Used by the Worlds Top 100 Companies

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Colour can play a very important role in the success of your business. The colours used in your logo and website can define the image your business portrays to your customers. Blue represents dependability and strength so it’s no surprise that the majority of the worlds top 100 companies use blue within their logo. The infographic below from Colour Lovers shows you the top 100 brands and what colours they use. It is a few years old so the rankings aren’t current but the message is still the same. […]

7 Marketing Techniques Every Small Business Owner Must Use

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It’s fairly obvious that driving traffic to your website is one of the most important and powerful techniques any small business owner can use to build their business. What happens once visitors have landed on your site though? They don’t just magically turn into customers. The infographic below from InfusionSoft gives what they call the “Big 7”. It all starts with driving traffic to your website, what are you doing to master the techniques listed after that? […]

6 Steps You Must Follow for a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

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For any business owner, generating sales leads and enquiries is crucial for your survival. An optimised website that generates targeted web traffic and converts sales leads into customers should be the centre piece of your inbound marketing strategy. That’s the message in the infographic below from Impact Branding and Design gives you 6 steps to follow to start generating more leads from your website today. […]

5 Easy Steps to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

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Unless you’ve invented a brand new product you’re probably competing with a number of other businesses within your industry. In order to get ahead you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. The infographic below from Reformation Designs gives you 5 ways you can increase your online influence and take a step ahead of your competitors. […]

5 Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Marketing Strategy

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There’s no doubting technological developments have improved the way we do business immensely. Red Website Design wouldn’t exist if Tim Berners-Lee hadn’t invented the internet. Technology isn’t always your best friend though, it can cause your marketing efforts to fail miserably. Take a look at the 5 examples on the infographic below from Lattice. […]

9 Steps to Internet Marketing Greatness

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To succeed in today’s digital world, internet marketing is an absolutely necessary skill of any business owner. As the infographic below from Elign Marketing shows, your internet marketing strategy should always start with a website. The infographic also gives you 8 further steps to follow in order to achieve internet marketing greatness. We use all of them except for the last which is paid traffic. Master the first 8 and you wont need to use that one. […]

March, 2014

6 Awesome Ways to Make Your Followers Crazy About You

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When Apple launches a new iPhone a bunch of crazy people start queuing up outside Apple shops days before its release. They can’t bear the thought that someone could get their hands on the latest product before them. Imagine if you had an army of fans and followers willing to do the same for your products or services. The infographic below from Get Satisfaction gives you 6 ways to attract a fanatical brand following. […]