March, 2014

Increase Website Sales and Enquiries by 73% Using This One Trick

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A recent study has found that 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase from you after watching an online video that explains your product or service. “But video is expensive” we hear you say. Not any more! We’ve recently added a video to our homepage and it cost us a whopping £60. Big thanks to Biz Promo Video for that. For more useful stats and to learn more about the power of online video take a look at the infographic below from Animoto. […]

3 Steps to Making Your Content Go Viral

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So you’ve been working hard to create and / or curate content, now you just want to be shown some viral marketing love? Just once will do right? What better way to know you’re doing a great job than having something shared thousands of times? The infographic below from the Infographic Design Team gives you everything you need to know about making your content go viral including a 3 step process to help you do so. […]

The Top 5 Ways to Market Your Business Online

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With over 2.5bn people using the internet throughout the world it’s clear to see why internet marketing has become extremely popular. But if you’re just starting out it can be difficult to know what techniques are available and what will be best for your business. The infographic below from Digital Marketing Phillipines gives you the 5 most effective ways to market your business online. Of course, it all starts with having a well designed website. […]

February, 2014

What Your Logo Says About Your Business

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In a hyper competitive business world, image is everything! Your logo design is the one thing that will be present across all your marketing media and is the easiest thing for consumers to remember. We all know what the Golden Arches are right? So what does your logo say about you? 123 Print have created this handy infographic that breaks down what the colours and fonts you use say about your business. […]

5 Online Start-Up Myths You MUST Ignore

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If you’re in the process of starting a new online business it may seem quite daunting. How much will it cost? How will customers find me? Will I make any money? These are probably questions you’ve been asking yourself for a while. The infographic below from PaymentSense tackles 5 of the most common myths surrounding starting your business online and why you should ignore them. […]

January, 2014

10 Rules For A Great Startup Idea

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Ideas don’t matter, execution does. But even the world’s best entrepreneur would fail with a fundamentally flawed idea. That’s the key statement in the infographic below from the Founder Institute who give us 10 rules for a great startup idea. For us, the first rule is the most important for any business. I wouldn’t be able get up at 5:30am to implement our daily marketing strategy if we didn’t enjoy what I do. […]