June, 2015

Not Getting Found on Google? Here’s 10 SEO Mistakes You Might be Making

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Are you struggling to get your website found on Google? Could you be using the wrong SEO techniques and lowering your ranking? With so many factors affecting the performance of your website on Google (there’s 200+ according to this infographic) it can be hard for the untrained eye to keep track of it all. To start with its best to just keep things simple and progress once you have the basics. What are the simple things you could be missing though? Constant Contact wrote this great article on the subject and we gave it the infographic treatment below. […]

Don’t Understand Web Design Talk? Here’s 38 Terms You Need to Know

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Are you in the process of getting a new website designed? Are you struggling to understand the terminology your designer is using? When we engage with clients we try to use as little industry speak as we can, but sometimes it’s unavoidable to throw in terms a newbie may not understand. So when we saw this article from HubSpot we knew anyone involved in the web design process would find it helpful. We’ve given it the infographic treatment below. […]

Social Media Tips: 15 Ways to Use Periscope to Build Your Business

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Are you looking for ways to increase your social media reach? Have you considered using live streaming apps like Periscope to amplify your message? When Twitter bought Periscope earlier this year it got the world of marketing interested in what live streaming had to offer businesses, including us, so we carried out some research and found this great article from Single Grain. We thought you guys would find it useful so we gave it the infographic treatment below. […]

8 Twitter Limits Every Business Owner Needs to Know About

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Has Twitter stopped you from following more than 2,000 people? Or have you been sent to “Twitter Jail” for tweeting too much? Twitter puts certain limits in place to combat spam so it’s important you know what those limits are to avoid getting in trouble. The guys at ManageFlitter wrote this article recently about the limits Twitter has in place and we gave it the infographic treatment below. If you haven’t already tried ManageFlitter give it a go, we use it to keep our Twitter account clean and tidy and we wouldn’t have connected with so many awesome people without it. […]

45 Entrepreneurial Twitter Hashtags for Business Owners

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Are you a business owner looking to network on Twitter with likeminded people? Want a list of entrepreneurial hashtags to add to your tweets? We’re always on the lookout for new hashtags to use on Twitter so when we saw this article by Social Quant we found a few we hadn’t thought of. We thought you guys would find it useful so we turned it into the infographic below. If you have the time we advise you take a read of the Social Quant blog, you’ll find loads of great Twitter tips for business. […]

May, 2015

6 Steps to Successfully Deal With Negative Reviews on Social Media

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Have you received a negative review on social media? Wondering how best to react without making things worse? As a company that prides itself on the positive reviews we receive from our clients receiving our first ever negative one was a bit of a shock. Our initial reaction was to bash the customer on the head with a stick but in the end we decided that probably wasn’t the best way forward ;0). We did a bit of research on how best to proceed and found this handy article written by K.I.S.S. We thought you guys might find it useful so we turned it into the infographic below. […]

April, 2015

21 Steps to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

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Are you using a personal LinkedIn profile as part of your marketing strategy? Are you making the most of every field a LinkedIn profile has to offer? Listing your job title and a brief description of what you do probably isn’t going to make your profile stand out, LinkedIn is a busy place with millions of users. Take the time to complete every field fully to help get your profile found by the people that matter. For some guidance take a look at the infographic below which was inspired by this article from LinkedIn expert Melonie Dodaro. […]

6 Things You Should Do Before Sharing Content on Social Media

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Are you sharing other peoples content via your social media accounts? Do you check what you’re sharing before recommending it to your followers? A curated content strategy can hugely benefit your business, but if you’re sharing duff information you could do more harm than good. And that’s the message in this article by Annaliese Henwood on Social Media Today. We loved the info so much that we gave it the infographic treatment below. […]

6 SEO Myths You Should STOP Listening To Immediately

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Are you trying to keep up with Google’s constantly changing algorithms? Not sure who’s advice you should be following? One guy who certainly knows his stuff is Neil Patel, we’ve been reading his very helpful posts quite a lot recently. His recent post which covers 17 SEO myths you shouldn’t follow really hit home with some of the SEO work we’ve been doing for clients lately and we felt the need to share. We’ve pulled out the 6 most common myths we come up against and given them the infographic treatment below. […]