Home Page or Landing Page: Where Should You Send Your Paid Ad Traffic?

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Where do you divert your paid ad traffic? Do you send visitors straight to your home page or have you created keyword specific landing pages? Paid ad spend can mount up very quickly so you need to see an instant return in converted traffic in order to justify the costs. But what converts more traffic into customers? Your home page or dedicated landing pages? The guys at Lander have the answer for you in the infographic below. […]

Using Google Adwords? Here’s 5 Factors That Affect Ad Viewability

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Are you using Google’s Adwords service to drive more traffic to your site? Want to get more of your ads viewed by the right people? According to the Media Rating Council a display ad is considered “viewable” when 50% of its pixels are visible on a screen for at least one second. But what factors affect viewability? Ad size? Position on page? Think With Google have crunched some numbers in the infographic below. […]

Retargeting: How to Turn Lost Website Visitors into Paying Customers

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Would you like a second chance of advertising your services to people that have left your website? You need retargeting! Retargeting is a clever technique that enables you to display adverts to people that have visited your website before. Unless you convert 100% of your first time visitors, retargeting should become a part of your digital marketing strategy. For some guidance getting your retargeting campaign off the ground take a read of this infographic from CJG Digital Marketing. […]

Paid Search Marketing: 8 Business Benefits You Can’t Ignore

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Are you considering spending money on Google Adwords? Want to know the benefits of a paid search marketing campaign? The main benefit of paid search adverts like Google Adwords is instant, targeted traffic. Unlike SEO, you don’t need to wait for your listings to move up the rankings, your ads can be displayed in minutes to the people you want to display them to. For a more detailed look at the benefits of pay per click take a look at this infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines. […]

Google Dynamic Remarketing: What It Is & How It Can Help Your Business

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Have you heard of Google Dynamic Remarketing? Are you aware just how much it can benefit your business? Google Dynamic Remarketing enables you to advertise your products or services to people who have visited your website before. Unlike standard remarketing though it enables you to serve ads based on the actual product they viewed. For more info and how that can benefit your business take a look at this infographic from CPC Strategy. […]

The 100 Most Expensive Keywords to Bid for on Google Adwords

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Are you considering using Google’s pay per click advertising platform Adwords? Want to know if you have the budget to be able to compete? According to research from SEMrush the most expensive keyword is an eye watering $670.44 (approx. £433.51) with the keyword in position 100 costing a more modest $265.60 (£171.75). Take a look and see if your keywords make the top 100. Thanks to Webpage FX for the infographic. […]

Losing Money on Google Adwords? How to Reduce Costs & Boost Performance

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Are you running pay per click adverts with Google Adwords? Are you putting in more than you are getting back? Pay per click ads can be a great source of quick wins, when done correctly. Get it all wrong and you could see your marketing funds quickly drain away leaving you scratching your head wondering where it all went. To stop the losses and make your Adwords campaign more effective follow the tips in this infographic from Klient Boost and Unbounce. […]

Google Remarketing: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

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Are you looking for ways to convert more of your website visitors into customers? Have you considered how Google Remarketing can help? Remarketing enables you to place paid adverts onto the screens of people who have visited your website previously. It’s a great way of giving your business a second chance with those who may not think to go back to your site. The guys at Digitrio have explained more in the infographic below. […]

Google Adwords: 33 Quick Tips for a Better Pay per Click Campaign

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Are you using Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website? Are you looking for ways to get more from your advertising spend? If you haven’t taken the time to learn the basics you could find your pay per click funds drain away very quickly with very little return. Lucky for you the guys at Ethos 3 have put together the infographic below containing 33 quick and simple Google Adwords tips. The tips are curated from some of the world’s biggest blogs and experts, well worth a read! […]

How to Succeed on Google: What You Need to Know About SEO and PPC


Is achieving success on Google one of your aims this year? Not sure if you should be investing in SEO or PPC? Not many people are aware that over 90% of online experiences start with a search engine. With those kind of figures it’s easy to see that achieving success on Google shouldn’t be something you desire, it’s something you need in order to survive! For some guidance the team at JBH and Smart Insights have put together the infographic below detailing the state of SEO and PPC in 2015. […]