18 Tips to Get Your Google Plus Page Listed Higher in the Local Map Results

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If Google reckons a product or service is something we’d search for locally they will serve us local based results even if we haven’t asked for it. Typically you’d see the paid results first and then a load of listings with pin points on a map. Those are listings we’re talking about in this post. If you want to get your business listed higher up within the Maps area of a local search take a look at this infographic from OptiLocal which gives you 18 tips to optimise your listing. […]

8 Things You Should be Scared of If You Pay for SEO

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If you are using an SEO company, or even doing it all yourself, you’ll know it’s an arduous process with no real guarantee of success. It can be a real suck on your time and in extreme cases your general enthusiasm for life. There are many things that could keep you awake at night and the infographic below from Referral Candy gives you 8 of them. It also goes on to show what SEO companies themselves are afraid of. […]

4 Steps to Carry Out Keyword Research That Will Help You Dominate Google

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The success of your SEO campaign will be determined by how thorough a keyword research you carry out. You don’t want to miss out on keywords your competitors are gaining traffic from and there’s no point being on the first page for terms nobody is searching for! To ensure you carry out a full and thorough keyword research follow the 4 steps detailed in this infographic from Powered by Search. […]

6 Marketing Methods You Absolutely Must Use to Build Your Brand Online

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For most businesses the internet provides a relatively low cost way to market their services. With low costs comes high competition which makes it hard for businesses to stand out from the crowd. To give your business every chance to be noticed take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout which gives you 6 ways to market your business online. […]

How Social Media Activity Affects the Ranking of Your Website on Google

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How social media affects SEO and the performance of a website on Google is a contentious issue within the industry. Many argue that social signals can indicate the popularity of a website and therefore should affect search results, but Google tells us they don’t use them. Are Google telling the truth or are they just trying to keep us off the scent? Take a look at this infographic from Indian SEO Company which offers their side of the story and how social signals can impact SEO. […]