5 Website Marketing Trends You Must Start Using Immediately

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For your website to constantly deliver the best results possible you need to ensure you are using current and ethical methods. Google can quickly change their rules and if you don’t adapt you could land yourself in hot water. The infographic below from the Infographic Design Team gives you 5 of the most common website marketing trends successful webmasters are using today. […]

The Ideal Length for All Your Online Content

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Does your business stand out online or are you struggling to get ahead of your competitors? Perhaps your social media updates and blog posts aren’t being liked and shared and your emails aren’t being opened? Research has shown that everything online has an ideal length for delivering maximum effect. To ramp up your online marketing efforts take a look at the infographic below from Content Champion which gives you the ideal length for all your online content. […]

7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing and SEO Should be Done Together

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One thing we get asked a lot here at RWD is whether you should concentrate more on social media marketing or SEO. We always say that they are both extremely important for different reasons and should be carried out as part of one overall internet marketing strategy. The infographic below from Orbit Media Solutions gives you 7 differences between social media marketing and SEO but also demonstrates why they complement and depend on each other. […]

10 Steps to Use Video to Improve the Customer Experience and SEO of Your Website

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Do you have a video on your website? Including a video on your website is a great way to engage with your visitors and keep them on your site longer. A well optimised video can also help to improve your SEO. The infographic below from Bixa Media gives you a 10 step process to utilise video so that you can improve your customer experience and increase your ranking on Google. […]

5 Steps to Use Content Marketing and Social Media to Improve Your SEO

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Are you looking to improve your websites ranking on Google? Do you want to do it in a sustainable way free of the worry of an impending Google penalty? When ranking a website Google takes into account the number of times other websites link to yours (backlinks) and the number of times your website is shared via social media. There are two ways of generating links and social shares; you can build them unnaturally or earn them by creating content and sharing it via social media. Google doesn’t like website owners doing it the unnatural way. If they catch you doing it excessively you could end up with a penalty which could see your rankings drop or your site removed from the results altogether. Google loves sites doing it the natural way as shown in the infographic below from Adept which gives you a 5 stage process of using content marketing and social media to improve your SEO. […]