25 Tips to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Website

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If you use Google Analytics to monitor how your website is performing one phrase you may have come across is your bounce rate. This is the percentage of visitors that only view one page before leaving. A high bounce rate can suggest to Google that you aren’t giving your visitors what they are looking for, or your website is difficult to use, and that can be one of the quality factors they use to decide how relevant your site is and how high it should rank in their index. The infographic below from QuickSprout gives you 25 tips on how to reduce your bounce rate and improve your website design. […]

8 Awful Mistakes You Probably Made if You Designed Your Own Website

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With the advent of website builders that allow you to design a website without writing any code there has been a large increase in the number of people who have attempted to do it themselves. That’s great if you do a good job, you’ve saved yourself some money after all. But if you screw it up you could be doing more harm than good. The infographic below from MyCase gives you 8 common mistakes people make when they build their own site. […]

How Your Company Colours Affect the Performance of Your Website

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Colour can play a major role in influencing a persons decision making process. It’s important that you evoke the appropriate reactions from your website visitors in order for them to feel like they want to become a customer. The infographic below from TechKing shows you how different colours are perceived and how to use them to design a more effective website. […]

How Your Slow Loading Time is Destroying Your Website

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With technology advancing at an alarming rate us human beings are becoming more and more impatient. We expect things to just work, and quickly. This applies to your business website too. If your web pages don’t load immediately you could be losing business! Take a look at the infographic below from Kissmetrics. It gives you a load of stats about how your website loading time affects your bottom line. […]

24 Ways to Make Your Ecommerce Website Perform Better

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How does your website compare to your competitors? One thing we hear a lot of when customers contact us about a business website is that they feel their site is rubbish compared to their rivals. Most businesses just starting out feel like they don’t have the budget to compete with the big boys in their industry, but that isn’t always the case. Some simple tweaks can make the world of difference. The infographic below from Ben Norman gives you 24 ways to improve your site and start pinching those customers from your competitors. […]

20 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Small Business Website

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How successful is your business website? Are you generating lots of web traffic? Are you receiving enough sales and enquiries or are visitors taking one look at your site and leaving for one of your competitors instead? The truth is no website is perfect and has a 100% conversion ratio so we can all find ways to improve something. The infographic below from WeddingWire offers 20 do’s and don’ts for you to start with. […]

7 Essential Ingredients to Create the Perfect Landing Page

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It’s fairly obvious that the aim of most business websites is to generate sales or enquiries. By using landing pages you can give a potential customer enough information so that they are able to make the decision to buy, sign up or request further information. According to InfusionSoft there are 7 techniques you should employ for any landing page, these are detailed in their infographic below. […]

Why Your Badly Designed Website is Killing Your SEO

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Google’s Panda algorithm update is designed to penalise poor quality websites that provide little or no value to people using their search facility. One of the factors they use to determine a poor quality site is user experience which can be determined by your bounce rate (the number of people that leave your site without clicking on another page). In theory the badly designed sites which have a higher bounce rate are thought to offer a poor user experience and will be penalised in the search engine results. But what makes a badly designed site? Take a look at the infographic below from WMG which gives you 10 web design elements you should be including to aid user experience. How many of those do you have on your site?   […]

7 Website Essentials That Will Generate More Sales and Enquiries

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Your website should be the focal point of your marketing strategy, so getting it right can be the key factor in your business winning or losing. If you’re thinking of creating a new website, or your current site is under performing, the infographic below from Reach Local gives you 7 essential items you should be using to generate more sales and enquiries. […]