September, 2014

19 Reasons Shoppers Abandon Their Purchase and How to Fix Them

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If you own an eCommerce website one of your biggest issues will be visitors leaving without buying from you. Cart abandonment is thought to cost the average online shop 32% of the average monthly income. If you want to reduce that figure take a look at this infographic below from QuickSprout which shows you what makes people leave your site without buying from you and what you can do to reduce it. […]

6 Tips to Create Amazing eCommerce Product Visuals that Wow Your Customers

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So you’ve got yourself an online shop, you’ve invested time and money marketing the site and driving targeted traffic, but you just aren’t selling anything? There are a number of factors that could be stopping people buying from you, one of which could be the way in which you present your products. Are your product images doing you and the product justice? For tips on how to wow your customers visually and start generating sales take a look at this infographic from MineWhat. […]

5 Essential Steps to Improve the User Experience of Your Website

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According to statistics 68% of website visitors leave a site due to a poorly designed user experience (UX). Are you losing 68% of your visitors? Imagine the effects on your business if they stayed on your site and became customers. If you’d like to improve the user experience of your website take a look at the infographic below from Homestead which gives you 5 essentials of UX design. […]

Colour Coordination: How to Avoid Using the Wrong Colour Scheme on Your Website

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One of the biggest issues our customers face when we create a new website for them is deciding which colours they should use. It isn’t always easy knowing which colours go well together. The consequences of a colour scheme that clashes could be fatal, you could lose your website visitors before they read the first sentence, but get it right and you could be quids in! Take a look at this infographic from KISSmetrics which explains how to match colours effectively and ensure website success. […]

August, 2014

How Colour Affects the Conversion Rate of Your Website

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According to research, 90% of purchase decisions are influenced by visual factors, and 90% of the time that assessment was based around colour. If we apply that to statistic to your website design that means not using the right colours result in missing out on 90% of your visitors! Take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout which talks in more detail about how colour affects conversions with some bonus hints and tips about what colours you should be using. […]