March, 2014

26 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a New Website

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Buying a new website can be a daunting process for some. We often receive emails where people apologise for not knowing the right questions to ask, or for asking things they think are silly. There’s no such thing as a silly question, the only silly question is the one left unasked! The infographic below from Pixaal gives you 26 things you should consider when buying a new site. Hopefully this will help you in your quest of finding the right web designer for you. […]

The Top 5 Ways to Market Your Business Online

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With over 2.5bn people using the internet throughout the world it’s clear to see why internet marketing has become extremely popular. But if you’re just starting out it can be difficult to know what techniques are available and what will be best for your business. The infographic below from Digital Marketing Phillipines gives you the 5 most effective ways to market your business online. Of course, it all starts with having a well designed website. […]

7 Deadly Web Design Sins That Are Costing Your Business Money

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A well designed website always has the user in mind. It will give visitors the information they need and clearly show them how to find out more and / or get in contact with you resulting in lots of sales enquiries. A poorly designed site does just the opposite. Without finding the information they needed your visitors left and looked elsewhere resulting in little or no enquiries. This infographic from LogoSnap gives you 7 examples of poor design that could be costing you money. […]

How to Optimise Your Contact Forms to Increase Submissions

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eCommerce sites aside, one of the main goals of your website is probably for visitors to get in contact with you using a contact form. You should have given them enough information throughout the rest of your site for them to think “Yeah, I’m interested in finding out more”. The infographic below from QuickSprout shows you how to optimise your contact forms in order to increase the number of submissions you receive. […]

February, 2014

8 Reasons People Leave Your Website Without Buying From You

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You’re busting a gut every day to market your site, visitor stats are increasing, but you still aren’t generating any leads or sales? Poor conversion is one of the most common issues customers have when they contact us about designing a new website. A first rate marketing plan is useless without a website to back it up! There are a number of reasons why people are visiting your site and then leaving without contacting you. The infographic below from KISSmetrics gives you 8 of them. […]

How to Use Eye Tracking Science to Create the Perfect Website

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Creating the perfect website isn’t always about stunning visuals and effects. Understanding how your visitors track and read information on a page can go a lot further to providing a better user experience which in turn will generate more effective results. The infographic below from Crazy Egg gives you the low down on how visitors eyes move across a web page and how you should be designing your website for the most effective results. […]

Web Design Basics: 3 Simple Steps for a More Effective Homepage

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For most of you, your home page will be the most visited page on your website. As part of a successful website design project, it’s important that your site visitors get a clear understanding of what you do and how to find the information they require when landing on your home page, otherwise they will leave your site and go to your competitors instead. The infographic below from KISSmetrics gives you 3 simple steps to follow to ensure your visitors are able to digest and act upon the message you are putting across which will keep them on your site longer and turn more of them into customers. […]